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    Sci-Fi is member of the G. I. Joe team, and is their second laser trooper after original 13 member Flash. He has been a member of the team's Star Brigade sub-division.

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    He was born in Geraldine Montana and holds a grade of E-4. Sci-Fi is the G.I.Joe team's second laser trooper (after Flash), directed energy expert, laser weapons systems operator, electronic instrument repair specialist, and Starfighter pilot. Sci-Fi is arguably the first "neon trooper" with his trademark green uniform.

    Sci-Fi lives in a slow motion world. He takes everything real easy and he's never in a hurry to do anything or get anywhere. He's an expert laser sniper and can put a dot on a target over 2 miles away, to which a laser can jump one hundred feet for every one thousandths of an inch of movement. That spot has got to be held long enough to burn through the target. When he braces his weapon and sights on a target it's like he becomes a rock, with no noticeable movement. You won't even see his trigger finger move, it's as if he wills that beam of light to stab into the darkness.

    Toy History

    Sci-Fi's first figure was released in 1986, in what is his best known uniform--a green jumpsuit with silver boots, black gloves, and a futuristic helmet. His second figure would be released in 1991, trading in the green for a gray getup with a black helmet and given the specialty of directed energy expert. That figure would be repainted in 1993 and released as the pilot of the Star Brigade Starfighter vehicle (a repainted and retooled 1988 Cobra Stellar Stiletto). The head from that figure would then be put atop a new body and released in 1994 (the final year of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline) as part of the Star Brigade again. He would not get another figure until 2011/2012, when he was given a completely new sculpt and released as part of the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary series. This new figure is similar to the original 1986 figure, but with some updates and added details, making him also compatible with 25th Anniversary figures and filling a large hole in that collection.

    Marvel Comics/Devil's Due Productions History

    Sci-Fi is mainly a supporting character, until he joined the Star Brigade and helped to destroy an asteroid that was heading for earth.

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    Animation History

    Sci-fi would appear in both incarnations of the original G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero cartoon series voiced by Jerry Houser. In the original Sunbow Productions cartoon, he would appear in his version one uniform, while his version two was predominant in the DIC cartoon series. He also appeared in the 1987 G.I. Joe: The Movie, but had no lines.


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