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He is a Von Kreist's relative, who constantly disappointed his family. He even joined the church and Cestus Dei, but seeing only evil in the world and no trace of God, he lost his faith.

Schuld met Vampirella in Russia, when she was investigating a slaughter on a plane. He checked himself into a hotel using Vampirella's old alias "Normandy". He suggested that she should see Grigory, as he is the man who knows when something supernatural in happening in Russia.

After Vampirella returned from Grigory, Schuld invited himself along and they traveled to Turkey. His real plan however was to get his hands on the Giacomini Apocrypha and to bring back his ancestor Von Kreist. He used Sofia's body as the vessel. After Von Kreist entered her body, Schuld wanted to kill her, to kill Von Kreist once and for all. He was however comatosed when Vampirella tossed him on the rocks.

Schuld woke up from a coma and took over the Cestus Dei. He is still recovering and is in a wheelchair and must use oxygen tank to breath properly. He now hunts for Von Kreist who still inhabits Sofia's body. He also let Vampirella brought in against her will. But when she arrived all hell broke loose and Vampirella escaped, shooting his oxygen tank which then exploded.

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