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    Scavenger is a less-than mentally stable villain of Superboy. Scavenger is a long lived being with a number of cybernetic implants. He uses weapons that have been pillaged from a variety of heroes and villains.

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    Scavenger steals the Spear of Lano to become super-powerful. Scavenger's origins are a closely guarded secret. He travels the world using stolen teleportation technology, searching for mystic talismans and items of power. He claims he was once wronged by a godlike hero and is gathering weapons for a coming battle with a mystery opponent. Scavenger believes all heroes are involved in a conspiracy theory against the general public and they cannot be trusted.

    Scavenger has battled Superboy on several occasions and he also engaged in a cyberspace auction hoping to outbid Green Arrow for the Arrowcar, but Bruce Wayne outbids both of them. Scavenger spends much of his time preparing for his upcoming battle with his unnamed foe.

    Alternate Versions


    Scavenger is being held in Saint Helena a prison for Metahumans, but when Deathstroke and his pirate crew show up looking for recruits Scavenger promises to be loyal to Deathstroke, as long as he gets his weapons back. Later, the crew is attacked by Aquaman and Ocean Master. Scavenger tries to shoot Aquaman but misses and shoot the Tattooed Man instead. Aquaman then breaks Scavenger's back over his knee, killing him.


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