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    Gage is one of six of Captain Dynamo's illegitimate Children.

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    Team Telepath
    Team Telepath

    Gage Reinhart was the fifth of Captain Dynamo’s children Warner contacted. Gage is a 17-year-old Eastbridge, Texas high school football star who led his division in tackles for the entire season, and is the darling of both his female schoolmates and college scouts. It was right after Gage was practicing on the football field that Maddie Warner introduced herself. She informed him that he was the biological son of Captain Dynamo. Through some coercion, Maddie was able to convince Gage to meet up with four other siblings in the similar predicament. They all met for the first time in the secret base of Captain Dynamo, located in Tower City. It was during this meeting that Maddie irradiated them all, unlocking their super powers. Maddie explained that Tower City needed heroes now that Captain Dynamo had died. The five sibling banded together as Dynamo 5.

    He is a popular, arrogant jock who never gave a damn about what anyone thought - until he can literally hear those thoughts. And he may not like what he hears. Scatterbrain’s name may also be a reference to his obtuseness or absentmindedness, as he made a pass at Scrap during their first meeting, requiring her to remind him that they were half-siblings. Gathering all five of the children together, Warner exposed them to the same unidentified radiation that gave Captain Dynamo his powers forty years earlier, unlocking their powers. Gage inherited his father’s telepathy. Gage takes the codename Scatterbrain, and works to protect Tower City with his newly discovered brothers and sisters.

    Scatterbrain is often instrumental in the team's confrontations with its adversaries. One month after gaining his abilities, Scatterbrain and his siblings fought the paramilitary organization known as The Veil. Although he and the team acquitted themselves well against that foe, Visionary was kidnapped during the fracas, and brought to The Veil’s base. It fell upon Scatterbrain to use his telepathy to track Visionary via his brainwave pattern, which led to Visionary’s rescue. Scatterbrain was subsequently crucial to the team's victories against Voltage and a thief using the Jessup-Poole Strong-Suit.

    Despite his telepathy's usefulness, however, Gage has laments the adverse side-effects that his powers and his involvement in the team has had on his life. His inability to fully control his telepathy, his tendency to pick up the thoughts of others that he finds hurtful, and the manner in which new aspects of it may suddenly evolve unexpectedly, have been a source of irritation to him, often causing him to long for a more empowering ability like his sister Olivia's flight. The difficulty in finding time for both his high school career and his superheroics leads to some sleeplessness, and tension between him and Maddie Warner. Gage also comes to blows with his brother Spencer over him engaging in a romantic embrace with a schoolmate of Gage's while Spencer was impersonating Gage when Gage was in a coma. Spencer was given this mission by Maddie Warner in order to quell suspicion on the part of Gage's family, who are unaware of his life as a superhero, but Gage saw this act as an invasion of privacy on Spencer's part, though Spencer wonders if it is motivated by racism because the girl in question was black. Spencer apologizes to Gage, and confesses that, having grown up in foster homes, and having never had a real family or popularity in school, his experience with Gage's family opened his eyes to what he had missed all his life, and got carried away. Sympathetic to Spencer's feelings, Gage forgave him. Gage has learned that his brother, Visionary, was a virgin and has made it his mission to change that.

    Gage as Ramjet
    Gage as Ramjet

    Gage was under a lot of pressure during his time on the football field due to not pulling his weight (because of his heroic alter ego) and to "step up his game" began using his telepathy to read the minds of the opposing players to know what was about to happen. Hector, who came to watch a game, scolded him on this as he considered it an unfair advantage.

    One of Gage's younger (half) brothers have noticed the differences between their father and their oldest sibling and believes that Gage is adopted, a sentiment that Gage telepathically overheard. This was very difficult as he does not know if his mother cheated on the only father he has ever known, or if Captain Dynamo shape shifted into his father's form. After several adventures with his new family the group were attacked by their deranged half sister Synergy. She used a weapon to remove their powers only to have the them later restored (or so they thought). A second burst of the radiation that gave them superpowers this time gave Gage the power of flight. He initially had difficulty mastering this ability until he received a new costume. He now goes by the name Ramjet.

    At Christmas time Gage and his super siblings are tasked by Mattie to track down escaped felon Luminex. Hector, Spencer and Gage arrive at a supervillain dive and after one of the crooks gets in Hector's face the young man starts a bar fight. During the fight Gage comes face to face with Warchest. Gage comments that this is the third time the pair have run into one another since the Alien Attack. It is revealed that every time since the attack the two have been in a sexual relationship. After coming up empty at the bar the super siblings find Luminex's daughter and begin to question her. The young woman freaks out and reveals that she has her father's powers and has taken the codename Lumina. Luminex arrives and during the fight Lumina threatens to kill Spencer but her father talks her out of it. Hector then helps convince Lumina that just because she can get revenge on the girls tormenting her at school doesn't mean it's right to do so. The Dynamo 5 let Lumina go, return a willing Luminex to prison and then proceed to have Christmas. Gage is shown having Christmas with his mother, father and half-brothers.


    Scatterbrain is a telepath who can read other people’s minds. His power is both voluntary and passive; While he can use his power to deliberately read someone's mind, he can also involuntarily pick up the thoughts of those around him, even when he does not wish it. He can also use his telepathy to remotely track people whose minds he has read, by sifting through the brainwave patterns he can sense, which are apparently unique to each individual. After initially gaining his powers, he could not use his telepathy as an offensive weapon, or control other people's thoughts and actions, as other comic book telepaths can. However, when Scatterbrain was attacked and electrocuted by Voltage, a villain who can wield electrical energy, this triggered an ability on Scatterbrain's part to cease Voltage's electrical attack by merely thinking about it, and rendered Voltage unconscious. It also briefly knocked Scatterbrain into semi-consciousness. Scatterbrain also has the ability to completely wipe out a person's memories, giving them total amnesia, as he did with his half-sister Synergy, though this act left him in a coma for a day or two . During this coma, Scatterbrain discovered that he is also capable of astral projection, and was able to instantly transport his astral self to familiar locations by merely willing it. He appeared at his high school, where he was attacked the villainess Brains, another telepath. Brains claimed that that location was "her space" and "her private place", and engaged Scatterbrain in what appeared to be a physical altercation between their astral forms, but when Scatterbrain responded in kind, he inadvertently transported them to a featureless white location that he speculated was "his place", and was able to manifest his abilities according to his own imagination, multiplying his form several times, and attacking Brains en masse, forcing her to flee the astral plane, and bringing him out of his coma. His telepathy makes him immune to the illusions created by the villain Doctor Chimera. It can also enable him to affect technology that is keyed to a specific person's brainwaves, as when he disabled the Jessup-Poole Strong-Suit utilized by a thief who stole it from the Winterbourne institute, which was keyed to that thief's brainwaves. The suit was later modified to prevent Scatterbrain from doing this.

    There are some limits on Scatterbrain's telepathy. He cannot read someone’s mind if they are unconscious, though he was able to enter Maddie Warner's mind when she was in a coma in order to communicate with her consciousness and pull her out of that state. When Scatterbrain attempted to telepathically probe the mind of the psychotic Lipinski (aka Slaughterhouse), the experience was so emotionally traumatic for Scatterbrain that it briefly incapacitated him in the heat of battle. The government superhuman-monitoring agency F.L.A.G. has a manual and a course it requires for its agents who interrogate telepaths like Scatterbrain, in order to prevent the compromise of sensitive information, but its exact protocols are unknown. Scatterbrain’s telepathy operates within a certain reception radius, but that radius has not been specified.

    Scatterbrain also uses his skills as a football player when fighting foes, usually tackling an enemy.

    After having lost his powers of telepathy, Gage has gained the ability to fly. Whereas his sister Olivia wore a wingsuit outfit to aid her maneuverability, Gage's natural aptitude at maneuvering makes this unnecessary. However, his ability to effect sudden stops and land properly is far lower than hers, and thus he wears an armored suit that not only protects him from impact, but enables him to act as a human battering ram, from which his current codename is derived. The armor was built by a friend of Maddie Waner, he indicated to Gage that the armor was strong enought, that it could allow him to smash right through a building.


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