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Scary Terry is a monster that lives in your dreams.


Originally created for Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's "Rick and Morty" cartoon, Scary Terry was initially written for comics by Zac Gorman and drawn by CJ Cannon.

Major Story Arcs

Fearing that the Dreamverse is beginning to crumble from absorbing the energy from too many dreams, Scary Terry enlists the help of Morty Smith to kill off some of the aliens from the Dreamverse. He creates a huge dream in which many of the Dreamverse aliens arrive. Scary Terry does not realize that when Morty kills off all the aliens in the dream that the Dreamverse is left in ruins.



Scary Terry looks very similar to Freddy Krueger, complete with fedora and knife fingers, except with a very testicular-looking chin.

Catch Phrase

Unable to come up with a rhyming catch phrase, Scary Terry just says "bitch" at the end of most everything he says.


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