Team » S.C.A.R.s. appears in 16 issues.

    A team of highly trained mercenary woman with superpowers; Ballistique, Rococo and Sylvius worked originally for the government at undercover missions. They went rogue and their memories were manipulated to make them forget their past. Recently, they team up to take revenge on those who made them forget their past.

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    S.C.A.R.s (Strategic Capture and Retrieval) was originally formed by General Sam Ryan, Dr. Young Soo Pock and J. Jonah Jameson shortly after World War II. It was similar to the Super Soldier program, but used cybernetic enhancements.

    Unfortunately, the cybernetic procedure left two of the three subjects (Ballistique and Rococo) insane; their need to kill becoming more of a necessity. When the program was terminated, Ballistique and Rococo had their memories altered and led to believe they were ordinary civilians (Ballistique, a Iraq war vet with PTSD and Rococo, a nurse). The third subject, Sylvius (who apparently remained sane), was allowed to continue her military career; told that her former comrades had been killed in action.

    Years later, Ballistique regained her memories and reunited with her former teammates to seek their revenge against the men who stole their lives.


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