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    Character » Scarlet X appears in 33 issues.

    Scarlet X is the fiercest, most dangerous, and most beautiful demon hunter on the American East Coast. She and all of her brothers and sisters were born to a secret Covenant Order called Rheims, located in France.

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    Scarlet X was raised  and educated  under the severe and exacting Red Hood discipline. At the time of her appearance in Crimson, Scarlet was 21 years of age and despite her youth she had amassed an impressive record within her order. She had killed various and many creatures of the night throughout the world. Since she was 15 years of age she has been recognized as a ruthless, dedicated, cold blooded dispatcher of evil darklings. Her success is partly due to her intelligence, her incredible speed and her remarkable adaptability.

    Though beautiful and desirable, Scarlet's body has been shaped by years of training and an incredibly lethal weapon. She is an expert with her primary weapon the crossbow. Her arrows are sanctified by the Red Hood monks and especially made for each intended victim. (Silver arrowheads for werewolves, oak or hawthorn wood for vampires, pure gold for demons., etc and so fourth.

    Her best friend and fellow hunter was her cousin, Rouge~Luc, one of the leaders of the New York Zone. He was killed by one of the animalistic creatures known as the children of Judas.

    Scarlet is relatively new to the US east coast region, having transferred several years ago after spending many years in training missions in many countries. In Mexico, she me Joe while tracking a group of ancient vampire-gods.

    Something that she be noted about Scarlet X lineage is she and her brothers and sisters descend from were-wolf ancestry. The original Scarlet was raped by a werewolf and gave birth to the Scarlet line and vowed to hunt and kill supernatural creatures. Scarlet X was made of her heritage and taught to embrace her animal side which allowed her to grow claws and enhancing her physical attributes.  The Order maintain the purity of the blood by intermarrying the descendants within members of the Covenant.


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