Anyone Else Mad About the Treatment of Ultimate Wanda? (Spoilers)

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I've been in awe of the Ultimate Scarlet Witch since Ultimate X-Men and thought this version of her was very interesting. I loved the way her powers worked, her sort of catty personality and the way she interacted with the others she was written alongside. One shining Wanda moment for me was her battle against Ultimate Longshot in the beginning of the Ultimate X-Men Magnetic North storyline (where Ultimate Polaris was introduced) and I loved all her designs.

Naturally I was upset when the writers decided to kill her off in Ultimates 3 and she went down without so much as a fight. To add insult to injury, she was killed by the Ultimate version of Ultron: some lovesick robot accidentally given sentience and feelings by Wanda's powers when she flirted with it, thus making Wanda indirectly responsible for her own murder (That's right, Ultron murdered her. He planned the attack right down to the bullet hardwired to her DNA). Of course tying into this circumstance was Wanda's incestuous relationship with her brother, Quicksilver (perhaps the one aspect of her character that bothered me), as Ultron came to the conclusion that with Quicksilver around he could never have Wanda (makes me wonder why he didn't just kill Pietro. I wouldn't want him to die necessarily but between him and Wanda, I would have chosen for him to die). The writers had chosen to kill off Wanda and (seemingly) kill of Pietro at the end of the same story arc to fuel Magneto's rage and action towards the Ultimatum event. However, at the end of the very same event, Pietro was revealed to be somehow alive after avenged the death of his father at Cyclops's hands by killing him.

When I learned of Pietro's fate I was very upset that he, and not Wanda, was revived. I always felt like Wanda was more interesting if not simply in terms of powers. At the very end of the Ultimatum event Pietro (alongside Mystique and Sabretooth, having reformed the Brotherhood) is shown talking to a mysterious woman who was speculated to be Wanda. This seemed to be confirmed in Ultimate Comics: X when Wanda was shown to be alive and well. However, it was said that she was actually a hallucination of Pietro's apparently because he still can't get over her death. This, again, had me very upset that writers would dangle Wanda's fate over me and other fans only to just say, "nope, she's dead".

This cruel joke would be played yet again in Ultimate Comics: X-Men when Wanda is, yet again, shown to be alive, this time seemingly for real. I honestly thought these writers came to their senses and brought back a powerful and interesting character that would be a boon to future storylines. I truly thought that they wouldn't be a**holish enough to introduce yet another false return of one of my favorite characters. I was sadly and bluntly mistaken. Apparently, with the return of both Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse, Wanda's return was revealed to be another hoax: she's an illusion created by Apocalypse, as is Magneto.

Honestly I could care less that Magneto's just an illusion, with all the deaths he caused he deserves to stay dead, but Wanda was good and was a hero (albeit somewhat morally ambiguous especially considering her past) and she deserves better than this. Anyone agree? Maybe not? Please elaborate, I'd like to know if I'm the only one feeling as if I've been bitch-slapped by Marvel.

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Lol I think we've been bitch slapped

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This is why I don't like the Ultimate titles, they appear to be set in place to abuse the characters in a way Marvel couldn't get away with in mainstream continuity. Particularly where Pietro and Wanda is concerned seeing as how they were in an incestuous relationship. It became so distracting there almost wasn't anything else that drew you into those characters, the whole house of M was basically turned into a group of jerks. I seriously do not approve of that, they were much more rich and interesting in mainstream continuity. Also, being that Wanda's nurturing attributes were such a huge part of her character, why would she be in a relationship that could potentially produce children with congenital birth defects?

I would say to just enjoy 616 Wanda and not buy Ultimate any longer. It's only best suited for Spidey fans anyways....

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I loved how Ultimate Wanda's powers worked. I love her roles in Ultimates 2.

Then they made that horrible story where her mom was an actual witch and she created savage land (which clashes with previous comics where she is shown as a young child in the savage land with dinosaurs and all).

They totally wasted one of the best re-inventions of a marvel character in a really stupid way. Her death was anti-climatic and played-down; (as were so many deaths).

I thought the point of Ultimate world was a more serious, realistic version of the Marvel universe. Not killing ppl and bring them back over and over.

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Yes. I was upset about it too. Blame Jeph Loeb for not doing his proper research and screwing up the series. Now I don't care anymore about the Ultimate Universe/Ultimate Comics.

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@thewidowsbite: I agree! The Scarlet Witch may not be the most consistant character ever, but she's still awesome in her own way! I consider her to be a mutant with the ability to use magic better than ANYBODY else! Even Dr. Strange! And that's why she deserves better!

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@Wheates14: Couldn't agree more.

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I have a hard time dealing with Marvel comics anymore. This is why I haven't bought or even looked at a Marvel comic in 3 weeks.

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I blame Jeff Loeb

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