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"I swear to God, I'm being punished."

Synopsis: Kaine must find a nuclear bomb before it detonates and destroy Houston. Not too hard right?

Five issues in, and Kaine is still reluctant to play hero, but when he has to, he'll do whatever it takes to get the job done even if he has to get rough. Even though this was a one shot issue, Chris Yost decides to raise the stakes by adding a nuclear bomb to go off in Houston.

Kaine still has a lot to learn when it comes to being a noble superhero....but where's the fun in that? Unlike Peter, Kaine's methods of saving the day are way darker, like Jack Bauer dark. Open threats? Check. Torture? Check. When things doesn't go his way, he's quick to give up, especially when things get dark when trying to find the bomb. It's a struggle for Kaine to put others first than himself.

While this issue only focused on Officer Layton, I really like that the supporting cast is playing a role in this series. They offer Kaine some moral support as he continues the superhero gig. Kaine has always been a loner There's also the cameo of Samuel L. Fury Jr. (Nick Fury Jr.) and Agent Coulson (why they were incorporated to fit the mainstream universe, ESPECIALLY Fury, I do not know) that don't really add much to the story. Their appearance is just for show, and they will probably show up in other titles for no apparent reasons.

Neal Edwards takes the place of Ryan Stegman, and Edwards' style is not that different from Stegman's. it goes with Yost's edgy storytelling.


Despite being a one-shot issue, Yost is not holding anything back for Kaine. That's made even more clear when he has to face Anya Kravinoff in the next issue. Boy, Kaine cannot get a break...

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