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It ain't easy being Kaine.

Synopsis: No matter where Kaine goes, trouble is always around.

You know how dark this series is? Well, it's not dark like say, The Punisher, but Chris Yost is reminding everyone the difference between him and Peter in every issue. Imagine Peter being serious 24/7 as Spider-Man. That is what Scarlet Spider is. When was the last time you seen Spider-man scare a robber so bad that the robber was pissing his pants? I find that absolutely hilarious. But Scarlet Spider is much more than being a darker version of Spider-man. This is also about Kaine trying to make something of himself.

Despite trying to distant himself from being like Peter, Kaine is similar to him. He makes jokes from time to time (even if most of them are dark), he talks to himself, he makes his own fumbles, and he still save people (whether he wants to or not). Up until Spider-Island, Kaine didn't have much of a personality other than being a person who thought about dying every day and killing. Now that he's staying in Houston, the thought comes to my mind if he'll try to find a job besides playing hero.

Like Peter, Kaine may also have a thing for red-heads
Like Peter, Kaine may also have a thing for red-heads

I like that Yost is creating a new cast of characters with their own quirks, using a few who actually know Kaine is Scarlet Spider. It's probably because Kaine is a clone of Peter, but I think he's attractive to redheads, like the bartender Annabelle Adams. Due to his nature, I'm hoping Kaine doesn't cast them off so quickly, but then again, some certain people he knows doesn't seem to be nice people and would probably kill the ones Kaine is associated with.

The artwork is spectacular. Ryan Stegman continues to bring his A-game with the visuals being top notch.


This series is a guilty pleasure for me. I already have 2 Spider-Man series to look forward to already, why not another one?

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