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"Houston. Go figure."

Synopsis: Things get hotter in Houston as Kaine takes on Salamander.

Oh, Kaine. With your new lease on life, why run away from your responsibility?

There's something fascinating about Chris Yost's approach to handling Kaine as Scarlet Spider. It's edgy, and I like that. Kaine wants to start over now that he has a chance to yet, he's compelled to help others. With Peter, I always love the internal monologues in his head which helps build up his character, and it works the same way with Kaine on a deeper level. He knows he doesn't have to do the things he questions, and yet, he does it anyway.

There's another difference between Peter and Kaine and it shows in the way Kaine fights Salamander. He's not afraid to play dirty, and will get brutal if he needs to. He has a number of weapons in his arsenal to fight. It's a different approach to how Spider-Man would fight even on his worst days.

Along with Yost's writing, Ryan Stegaman is doing an outstanding job with the artwork. Salamander proves to be a dangerous foe with his flames. I also like how rough the fight went between SS and Salamander with SS making use of his Mark of Kaine.


I'm liking this series more and more. It should be interesting to see what Yost has in store for this series in the future.

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