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    Wait, Kain Has A Plan?

    I was really Looking forward to this, as soon as i saw the the Premise foe issue 17 i already knew there was going to be a Kaine/wolverine team up, and what can i say? Yost did Not disappoint me, in fact despite some problems this issue was amazing as usual. It's an interesting story.

    First things first, the art is Superb here. One of the best things i've noticed is how well the X-men Look, Especially beast and ice man, Their Designs are amazing and interesting. But how can i review the art without mentioning Wolverine and Scarlet Spider. Wolverines Design is small, threatening and Bulky, yet you can feel that he is agile from the way the story is being told. Kaine is a bit different though, he is much taller and Lean buff, but it still feels different from peter parker , style wise too. The actions scenes are fantastic, it is by all means awesome. What i like about is is the fact that the damage, especially Stabs are very well shown, something about it made me go " thats gotta be Painful" which is something i rarely do with comics these days. Also the Panel where Kaine and wolverine are fighting and slashing through the League of Assassins is an amazing sight to Behold. The art is as i said awesome, Max points for it.

    As for the story, Yost yet again provides us with an interesting team up, in fact i was getting to the point where i thought that Kaine was just a bit too good for an anti-hero, but it's shown here that if really motivated he won't shy away from killing, he knows he is a monster, and who better to bring that out in him than wolverine right? speaking of which, While it may seem that yost slapped fans across the face with the WOLVERINE dying scene, he makes up for everything in the actual battle. But before i get to that i might as well mention the problems which i had reading this. a lot of the X-men were kind of acting basically reluctantly to the guy who was trying his best to kill their leader, but here they easily subdue their enemies, however i do understand that some plot devises are necessary to keep the plot going, so i will overlook that problem. also It was stated that wolverine was healing but it seemed that if Beast didn't punch wolverine in the chest the heart wouldn't have started pumping. This should not occur as wolverines healing factor has probably helped him healed a lot worse.

    Other than that the issue was pretty damn fun, and it left off on an awesome note. I like the fact that kaine is different from Spider-man and Peter parker, he still Feels like peter but then you realise that Kaine is also radically different. He plans everything on the spot, same as peter mostly does, and he has the "awesome" Parker luck , but his Speech and Monolog feel very different from what peter parker would say, i doubt he'd fall for a Beautiful assassin who wants him dead, and i find it hard to believe that Spider-man would use the word "Hot", just me i guess. this is something i really enjoy about Yosts take on Kaine, it has Spider-mans Elements but the Scarlet spider is a character on his own. I also Loved The x-23 Reference hope she appears eventually.


    Recommendation: Yes, Obviously!

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