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    Yost Is The SUPERIOR writer!

    I've Been uninterested in anything relating to spider-man lately , i hate superior, but this is a must read, seriously, this was amazing. Yost yet again delivers and awesome plot that makes for another great action sequence, but some seriously awesome moments.

    The Change of art was a good idea, because it is damn gorgeous, i honestly love it. Kaine looks tough, beastly actually, and seeing him fighting is amazing. also the senigns are awesome too, kaine looks buffer than the usual peter parker completion which is cool, and wolverine looks like a slice-dice killing machine.

    The Plot is very interesting, it's clear that there is more to is than just kaine fighting wolverine, which yet again gives us hope for a team up too. But enough about that, lets talk about The kaine VS wolverine. The fight was awesome, kaine is definitely stronger, but wolverine just won't give up, he keeps coming back, again and again and again, and it's an amazing sight.

    The fight or squabble between the members of the x-men and kaine is awesome too, it's clear that he is out matched...alone! but he has arcely on his side, who is not on hilarious, but amazing in a fight too. her psychics sense are very intriguing and powerful all the same.

    The isn't much more to say, the dialog is tight, and fight is brutal, and the art is amazing. pick this up now, screw superior.

    Recommendation: YEAH!

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