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    Ho, Ho, Ho!

    I skipped the Minimum Carnage arc, and now I actually feel bad for doing so. This issue is basically an epilogue, so there are multiple mentions to the previous storyline, that give you an idea of how awesome it was. We see how Kaine feels bad for the people that died, and the dialogues can actually give you a laugh or two, mainly because of Aracely. It's pretty fun to see the mexican woman deducing other people's emotions.

    Now, although this issue was very fun and a great jumping in point to the series at the same time, it felt like there wasn't much importance to it. I mean, all that happens is a robbery at the Four Seasons Hotel. Don't get me wrong, the comic is packed with exciting action and funny dialogues, but it doesn't make any progress. Importance aside, we see lots of blood that, alone, makes the issue worth picking up. The dialogue between the friends is very nice, as we see how their friendship is tightening. What I love about this title is that, differently from Peter Parker, Kaine is violent, so we always see fights with blood flying around, which are mostly intriguing.

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    The artwork is great. Brown does a great job in the action scenes and the facial expressions. His pencilling seems to fit the book perfectly.

    The burglars are wearing Santa costumes, so it really sets a christmas tone to the comic book, which is really nice. In the end of the issue, a letter arrives for Kaine, but I won't say who sent it. Overall, this was a great comic, packed with intriguing action, nice piece of dialogue and christmas spirit, although the issue itself doesn't make any progress in the story. Scarlet Spider #12 gets a 8/10.

    Pick it up?: Yes! It's a great jumping in point.

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