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Mr. Nebula
Mr. Nebula

Shortly after graduating from the Manga Khan School for Melodrama, Dren Keeg answered an ad for a Cosmic Locator placed by the outrageous Mr. Nebula to find unsuspecting alien worlds that were in need of Nebula's redecorating tastes.

Outfitted with his signature crimson armor and skis, Dren became known as the Scarlet Skier. He helped find dozens of worlds for Mr. Nebula, watching in horror as they were remade to fit his gaudy and tacky taste.

The Skier tried on more than one occasion to "leave" the Interplanetary Designer's indentured service, but the irrepressible Nebula always managed to track him down and forced him to continue his locating activities.


The Scarlet Skier was created by Keith Giffen and J.M.DeMatteis.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League America- G'Nort by G'Nortwest

The Skier then had the dubious honor of being the only individual to be defeated by the Green Lantern G'Nort, who turned him over to L.E.G.I.O.N. for imprisonment.


However, after reviewing Keeg's record, Vril Dox decides that he was essentially harmless and had been duped into serving the Interplanetary Designer. After promising not to locate any more worlds for Nebula, the Skier was paroled and he promptly sought revenge on G'Nort, who was currently on the planet Earth and annoying the Justice League of America.

After crash landing on Earth, a fight broke out between the Skier and G'Nort who was unable to remember him at first. Utterly depressed, the Skier tried to commit suicide due to his failure of a life, but was instead saved by G'Nort who offered to try and help him and the two ended striking up a strange friendship.

Justice League America Annual- What's Black and White

JLAnt: The Few, the Proud ... the Inept
JLAnt: The Few, the Proud ... the Inept

Around this time, Maxwell Lord, the liaison of the Justice League America branch, was approached by the Injustice League, led by Major Disaster, who had discovered that they were more successful as superheroes than they were as super-villains. Deciding that recruiting them into the Justice League would save the League from the nuisance value of trying to keep an eye on them, Lord decided to locate the "team" to Antarctica, reasoning that not even they could accidentally injure or harm anyone down there. He also decided to effectively rid himself of both G'Nort and the Scarlet Skier by dumping them down there as well. Having nothing better to do, the Skier agreed to join up with the Justice League Antarctica.

Of course things did not go as planned, and the newly formed Justice League Antarctica was disbanded almost as quickly as it was started when a group of scientists in Antarctica create a group of killer penguins that ran amok and the JLAnt needed to be rescued by the rest of the League.

Justice League Quarterly- Designing Humans

Returning to America alongside G'Nort, the Skier was finally located by Mr. Nebula who was annoyed by the long overdue and AWOL Locator and arrived to retrieve him personally. After Nebula arrived on Earth, he immediately began to redecorate the entire planet until he was tricked by the Martian Manhunter to leave the planet exactly as it was; although he did remember to teleport the Skier back with him, who reluctantly continued his activities as Nebula's Cosmic Locator.

Weapons & Paraphernalia

The Scarlet Skier wears a suit of Cosmic Armor that protects him from decompression and the other hazards of outer space. He can survive in the vacuum of space for apparently unlimited periods of time. This Armor also protects him from other forms of harm and serves to increase his strength to superhuman levels.

The Skier also makes use of the Cosmic Skis, a propulsion module attached to a towing cable that he holds onto with both hands, pulling him along. The Skis can fly through any atmosphere, as well as deep space.


The Scarlet Skier's real name of Dren Keeg is a inside joke as they spell "nerd" and "geek" when written backwards respectively.


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