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Scientist Jim Kendall along with his wife and son were passengers on an airplane that also happened to be carrying gold, taken over by ruthless criminals who murdered the pilot the plane to crashed killing everyone on board except for Kendell who lived but found that the crash had caused damage paralyzing his facial muscles so that he became “the man who never smiled.”

Vowing to avenge himself on all criminals Kendall weaves a cloak made from a thin weave of steel that was both flexible and bullet-proof, as well as building a rocket car that can go as fast as 90 miles an hour, an airship he can control with his mind, and other devices such as guns that shoot paralyzing rays or super-magnetism, and a hypnotism machine which makes anyone who is exposed to it tell the truth, thus armed and leaving his emblem, a calling card with a flaming arrow emblazoned on it he commences to strike fear into the hearts of evil doers as the Scarlet Avenger.

He is soon joined by devoted followers who become his “Operators” none of whom know who he really is, and at one point become so numerous that at one point he is able to launce a small air force against his arch-enemy Texa the Amazon and her Dirigible of Doom.

Eventually his operators drop off one by one until it is just him against evil, by that time he has also stopped using most of his remarkable devices and started to carry an ordinary .45 automatic.

Shortly after this the Scarlet Avenger is heard from no more.


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