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Scarlet; the Next Punisher?

Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev create a new hit! Scarlet is a red-head who kills those who deserve it...
 A red-head who kills... She has her reasons!
 A red-head who kills... She has her reasons!
The Good 
Scarlet is an interesting character who has a messed up past. Bendis creates a not so original idea (breaking the 4th wall) in an original matter. This is an origin book, where the story is told by the main character in a way breaking the 4th wall without the need of sounding like Deadpool! 
Maleev is an awesome artist, and his art style in this book is very great. I love the color scheme changes throughout the book. As an aspiring artist myself I know that certain colors emit cretin emotions on paper, and Maleev is able to translate emotions entirely in a beautiful manner.  

 Now she's coming for you!
 Now she's coming for you!
The Bad 
Like I said this is an origin book so not much happens in the book, but it explains why this character is as messed up as it is. No a great cliffhanger though, she just acknowledge what she good at doing, almost seemed like; "I'm coming to get you". It is almost as if she is the female version of the Punisher, but I trust Bendis won't make a copy of the character and make it a female. One issue in and that's what it seems, lets hope I am wrong!

The Verdict - 3.5 out of 5  
There's nothing that really happens in this book in terms of story development but there is a lot of character development which is something I appreciated. This book has potential of being a great story, I hope the issues after this the one will get better!

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