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Hero or Killer?

I root for the villain every bit as much as the hero.   I have often said, "I like a little bit of Villain in my Hero" and vice versa but maybe Scarlet goes too far, even for me.     
In Scarlet's case, I'm not sure which she is and I have this strange need, to stick her into one of those tight neat little boxes (I hate little boxes).   That is unusual for me, typically I WANT moral diversity.   It's those moments when a villain or hero surprises me, makes an unexpected choice, which shows their humanity and/or their greed or undeniable evilness, those are the moments I enjoy most, where I chuckle or exclaim out loud, "Yes"! 
Scarlet did not give me one of those moments.   She struck me as calculating and cold-blooded.   After this first issue, I am not sure why I feel a need to stick around but I will, for awhile.   
Maybe it's the creative team, I like Bendis and Maleev, I was enjoying Spider-woman and I was disappointed to see it end, so I am thrilled they have an ongoing series they've created together. 
Scarlet talks directly to the reader, giving us some background that helps us to understand why she retaliates against a BAD BAD man.   I understand how a need for justice could turn ones rage to exact vigilante retribution but can we call what Scarlet does, the start of a revolution?   I am not so sure. 
I can't say I am enjoying Scarlet but I AM intrigued, enough.   I want to know what she is going to do next.    Is she a revolutionay soldier I can root for or is she a cold-blooded killer whose got her revenge-on?    
I want to see a little "hero" in her, because right now she is looking like a murderer who is not my kind of villain. 

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