Should Scarecrow become a Sinestro Corps Member again?

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Blackest Night has come and gone, and Brightest Day is rounding the corner as well, and yes it was these two series that made me a big fan of the green and black ring slingers. I already have my personal prediction that Deadman would be the perfect choice as the new White Lantern, but that’s another topic. Of the many things that stood out to me in the Blackest Night series, the one thing which many may think is quite small is the fact that I personally believe that Jonathan Crane a.k.a the Scarecrow should not only become a member of the Sinestro Corps once again, but could possibly be one of the most powerful ring slingers to rival Sinestro or Hal if given the chance.

Let’s face it…as one of the many villains in the Batman story arc he’s gone from top dog to sublevel, aside from his ability to make fear inducing toxins which Batman and company manage to overcome time and time again he’s not really that much of a threat as opposed to a Joker or some of the new heavy hitters coming out of the wood works.

But you put a yellow ring on him, and he could possibly be one of the most dangerous men in the DC Universe. Yes Sinestro knows fear, but Crane is the master of fear having studied for most of his life. His mere obsession with it has made it where he’s completely immune to it other than when he goes against Batman. I could see an entire character build on Crane where he’s shot off into outer space and spends some time (a year or two) on adventures learning how to master his ring, become a better skilled fighter, and put a little more muscle on his bone.

A brand new opponent for Hal to deal with and he could even come back and give the Bat family some hell.

Not to mention other than Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayners, Black Hand and Carol Danvers there’s no other human that’s a ring slinger. Very rarely do we see villains evolve and become stronger than the hero, it’s usually the hero that develops a new power or ability. I think the Scarecrow has stood out enough to me to earn the right to become a major character in the Green Lantern series.  
Batman has enough villains to deal with he can afford to be without the Scarecrow for awhile, and I think that Crane could develop to be an even stronger nemesis than the Black Hand.

Anyway that’s my two cents…what do you guys and gals think?        

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I'm all for it. 

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Can't imagine why anyone would be against it. As much as I love him as a Bat-villain I think he's made more than enough appearances in Batman books, to become part of the Sinestro Corps at least for a couple of years or so.

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@Icarusflies said:
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@InnerVenom123 said:
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Man I really hope he gets a yellow ring that would be too perfect for words

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Yess give him something fun to do

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emphatically yes please do this DC

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This is basic 2+2 why have they not done this already?  Sinestro already saw him at work as a Yellow Lantern, why have they not gone back for him? 
The other Sinestro Corps members just happen to instill fear due to their gruesome appearances and tactics.  But the Scarecrows entire being and purpose is to instill fear, not just "happen to cause fear". 
Hell, now that Sinestro's a green lantern again, I say he should LEAD the Sinestro Corps.

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@Degalon: O_o

YES. That is a fantastic idea.

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Spreading fear across the universe should be his new goal. He will love to look of fear in every species. The artist will have a field day with scarecrow.

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A Sinestro Corps ring's already choose him twice. He should get at least one more shot.

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do you mean Carol Ferris?

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Yes, yes he should.

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