Scare Tactics

    Team » Scare Tactics appears in 20 issues.

    A group of monsters who form a rock band, and have supernatural adventures while on the road.

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    The five members of the Scare Tactics gang met at a top secret government facility in New Mexico. The four teenage monsters of the group were being held captive by R-Complex because of their various abilities, as part of a top secret government program known as Operation:Prodigy. Arnold Burnsteel, who would later become the group's manager, attempted to free the prisoners. Four got away, but one - Cindy Brand - did not.


    On the run, and wanting to remain inconspicuous while still having fun, the group form a rock band. When they escape from the complex in New Mexico, the group initially try to go their seperate ways - apart from Grossout, who stays with Burnsteel. But they quickly change their minds when they realize they are still being hunted down.

    In their Scaremobile, driven by Burnsteel, they travel from town to town, playing rock concerts, battling the various creatures and hostile humans they encounter, and running from the government.The group consists of:

    Scare Tactics
    Scare Tactics
    • Nina "Scream Queen" Skorzeny: Vampire lead singer of the group
    • Jake "Fang" Ketchum: Werewolf and lead guitarist
    • James "Slither" Tilton: Lizard Boy and bassist
    • Philbert "Grossout" Hoskins: Giant sludge-monster and drummer
    • Arnold Burnsteel: Their long-suffering human manager

    Major Story Arcs

    All four members were involved in the story arc Convergence.

    After the events of "Snake Oil", in which Jimmy is hospitalized and the gang are tracked down by R-Complex as a result, Burnsteel gives Nina, Phil and Jake sealed instructions, and tells the gang to split up. Nina is sent to stay with Catwoman, Phil ends up with Impulse, and though Jake runs into Robin on his travels, his original mission is simply to track Nina. The events which take place between issues 9 and 10 are covered in the following comics:

    The gang reunite in Gotham City.

    Other Media

    Len Kaminski, writer of Scare Tactics, initially planned to release a promotional music tape to go along with the series. The tape, which Kaminski hired a band to record, never surfaced, thanks to DC putting a stop to the exercise. As a result, he was stuck with hundreds of unusable tapes. The song has since been released unofficially, via the internet. Kaminski has publicly stated that he would like to work on Scare Tactics again, but cannot, as DC own the rights.


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