Character » Scarab appears in 42 issues.

    He gets all of his powers but one from his power suit that he bought with his unbelievable amount of money.

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    In the beginning Amon Khadul found a priceless stone shaped like a scarab, he sold it for a fortune and created a

    financial empire with it. Wanting to make a difference in the world, he built the silver-painted humanoid exoskeleton armored scarab suit with electronic jammers built in the suit. The electronic jammers prevented people from recording his existence in any way weather it was sonic listeners or cameras. At first he used the suit to fight against the F-Troops who were invading the Middle East.

    While he was doing that he ended up meeting Samson, who convinced him into fighting his enemies out in the open. That disgustion led him into being a member of the SMASH team. Now you can see Scarab in the Dynamite Entertainment comic "Project Superpowers" along side many other superheroes. The superheroes names' are Black Terror, Miss Masque, Death-Defying Devil, Green Lama, Flame, Pyroman, Samson, Hydro, The Arrow, The Target and American Spirit.

    In the beginning of "Project Superpowers" it explained how the very mislead Fighting Yank trapped all the members of SMASH into the Urn of Pandora. The urn finally broke and released the heroes changing some of their costume and even some of their powers into more powerful ones. Now released into a changed world they must adapt and become the most powerful team once again.


    All the most powerful superheroes from
    All the most powerful superheroes from "Project Superpowers"

    His powers only come from his scarab suit which allows him to have the abilities to fly, have super strength, super speed, invulnerability, claws and electronic disruption. Besides that he has a lot of intellect and is insanely rich, which without that money the scarab suit would have never been built. He does have magic resistance which means any magical attacks are useless, it is unknown how he got the magical resistance power but it does come in handy.


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