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    The Guardian who has come to be known as "Scar" was horribly burned during the Guardians' battle with the Anti-Monitor. Infected with evil and overwhelmed by Nekron's influence, she has worked to destabilise the Green Lantern Corps from within and to limit their effectiveness in fighting the Blackest Night.

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    Forever Scarred
    Forever Scarred

    Scar is a member of the Guardians of the Universe, a group of Maltusians who have taken responsibility for the fate of the Universe itself.

    Having been reborn along with the rest of her kin after Kyle Rayner re-lit the Central Power Battery of Oa, the Guardians began the revival of their Corps.

    Along with the others, she took part in re-instating their officers and the re-organization of the Green Lantern Corps.

    As events began to flow towards the prophecy of the Blackest Night, the Guardians began to prepare.

    Though she herself would not begin to stand apart from her brethren until after the Sinestro Corps War, she became one of the two main voices of the Council in opposition of Ganthet and later Sayd.

    As the final battle raged between the Green Lanterns and Sinestro Corps, the Guardians faced off against The Anti-Monitor. Scar was caught in his grip, and burned with his power, giving her the scares she was named after.

    She was taken by another Guardian and guarded as the battle raged on. With the defeat of Sinestro and his Corps, the Guardian's returned to Oa where they set about re-organizing the Corps in response to these latest threats. Their first act was to re-instate Kyle Rayner in the Corps. After giving him his first mission, the Guardians convened and readied their first new directive within the Corps.

    When Salaak requested the Lost Lanterns be allowed to return Ke'haan's body to his family, the Gaurdians allowed it. In her rage at finding his family murdered, Lantern Laira slaughtered the Sinestro Corps member responsible.The Guardians were forced to activate their newest directive within the Corps, the Alpha Lanterns.

    Generating Lanterns of pure energy, the Guardians empowered 9 Corpsmen to become Alpha Lanterns. With this new force, created to watch the watchmen, they prepared to deal with Laira's misuse of her power. While her fellows were caught in the act of Laira's trial, Scar turned her attention elsewhere.

    The Beginnings of a Trail
    The Beginnings of a Trail

    Traveling to Sector 650, she sought out Lantern Ash. Knowing about his travels within the darkest parts of his sector searching for Starbreaker and his Vampiric followers, she had decided on a mission for him.

    She charged him with finding the Corpse of the Anti-Monitor. Explaining the danger any power left in his corpse could pose to the universe, she sent him forth.

    When questioned about the other Guardians' awareness of this mission, Scar lied. The corrupting power of the dark had began to take it's root.

    Returning to Oa, Scar kept her absence a secret. She continued with her duties alongside the rest of her fellow Guardians, imparting the Second Law of the Corps, and even sending Boodikka on her defining mission as an Alpha Lantern.

    She also assisted in monitoring the travels of the Sinestro Corps Rings as they sought new bearers. When they suddenly lost their signal the Guardians created a task force, to be led by their Honor Guard, to retrieve them.

    Becoming a greater force on the Council as time went by, Scar was the Guardian who assigned the Lanterns to the task of retrieving the rings. While they retrieved what rings they could, Scar and the council continued in it's duties. Working to create more Sciencells to hold the criminals flooding Oa from throughout the Universe.

    As the Zamarons began their experiments in the emotional spectrum, it was Scar who brought it to the Council's attention. Working to exasperate The War of Light and help to speed it along, she galvanized the Guardians into action. When the Lanterns returned she was able to move the attention of her fellows from the remaining rings to the problem posed by the Zamarons' Violet Light.

    Lantern Saarek
    Lantern Saarek

    As the time drew nearer, Scar's plans began to accelerate. After becoming aware of Lantern Saarek's abilities, she wasted no time summoning him to her and sending him on the same mission as Lantern Ash. As the power surges of the Zamarons grew in strength, Scar used her influence to convince her fellows that it was time to act.

    Citing the threat of the War of Light, and the Blackest Night destined to follow, she convinced them to send a diplomatic party to Zamaron. Choosing Lanterns to escort the Guardians, she decided on Lanterns Yat, and Arisia along with Honor Guard Lantern Gardner.

    Turning her attention back to the Corpse of the Anti-Monitor, Scar contacted Ash to question him about how his search was going. Urging him to follow the trail of debris into the forbidden Sector 666, she was surprised when the other Guardians confronted her.

    When asked about her conversation and scars, she explained she was meditating, and also that she did not desire them to heal.

    She then turned the Council's attention to Sinestro's impending execution. Having decided to have his sentence carried out on the site of his original crimes, they plan to have him escorted back to Korugar.

    Warning secrecy to the other Guardians, Scar was somehow able to get word to the remnants of Sinestro's Corps, leading them to attempt a rescue. Yet, with the return of the Lanterns chosen for their escort and the finalizing of the event with the Zamarons, it was time to go.

    Traveling to Zamaron with their escort, the Guardians paused before entering the planet's atmosphere. Scar gave the Lanterns their assignments, quickly explaining to Lantern Gardner that every diplomatic mission was a spy mission.

    She asked Lantern Yat to gather as much information as he could, while she wanted Gardner to concentrate on their behavior and the surroundings. The Guardians then entered Zamaron airspace, and awaited their escort to the planet's surface.

    Scar argues that Love is like a Cancer
    Scar argues that Love is like a Cancer

    As the Zamarons brought them to their citadel, Lanterns Arisia and Yat conversed about the obviously hidden meanings of the Zamarons' route. The Guardians were forced to order them silent as they made their observations obvious.

    After reaching the waiting chamber of the Zamaron Queen, Scar took the opportunity to assign Yat his true mission. She made it clear that he was there because of his Ion power, explaining that he was a security protocol.

    Scar ordered him to tap into the extreme levels of the Ion Power and decimate the Central Battery, and as much of the planet and populace as possible if the Zamarons turned on them.

    With the arrival of Queen Aga'po, she and the Guardians began their meeting. After trading pleasantries, the Guardians confronted her about their experiments with the Violet Portion of the Emotional Spectrum. Explaining their unease, they questioned their goals.

    As the conversation broke down into a philosophical debate, Scar took point, debating with the Queen over the uses of emotion. The situation only deteriorated further after they witnessed the Sapphire chambers, where they were attempting to "re-program" the hearts of fallen Sinestro's.

    Realizing the futility of their arguments, the Guardians returned to Oa. Startled by their discovery, they debated how to handle it. Taking advantage of the situation to further the cause of The Blackest Night, Scar suggested they do something to fight this fact.

    Rationalizing it as a way to curb Sinestro Corps terrorist actions, the Guardians voted to outlaw romantic relationships between members of the Green Lantern Corps. Scar led the council in a vote, and then immediately implemented the new law. It's implementation caused over 200 members of the Corps to resign.

    The Book of the Black
    The Book of the Black

    The Guardians were surprised when the corpse of Orion, God of War, a denizen of New Genesis was found on Earth. Sending in the Alpha Lantern's to deal with the situation, they thought it handled. Yet the situation continued to prove a problem.

    When the Alpha Lanterns accused Hal Jordan of the murder, a trial was called to assess his guilt. In the end, they were surprised when Kraken, a member of the Alpha Lanterns, launched herself at the Central Power Battery in an attempt to take it over.

    With Jordan's innocence revealed the Guardians reinstated him and sent him, with the majority of the Corps as back up to put a stop to Darkseid's plans.

    Looking into the Future
    Looking into the Future

    After the events of the Final Crisis, Scar returned her attention to the Blackest Night. Having given in completely to the Black's influence, she has began traveling to the depths of Oa to read in the Book of the Black.

    Working to "Feed his Children", she has been watching those who shine brightest throughout the Universe, especially Earth's Heroes.

    Looking ahead to make her plans for the coming war, she has been especially interested in certain individuals such as the Earth Lanterns, the members of The Justice League, The Justice Society, certain Lantern's such as Ion, and even The Teen Titans.

    Sometime later, after Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps had taken Sinestro prisoner, one of The Red Lanterns ( Vice) had been captured and was brought back to The Sciencells of Oa.

    Deciding that a "fissure" was needed to set all of her plans in motion, Scar used her unholy powers to free The Red Lantern who she hoped would in turn unleash all of The Sinestro Corps prisoners during its violent rampage.

    Covet not The Book of The Black...
    Covet not The Book of The Black...

    In the chaos and confusion of the Sciencell Riots, Lyssa Drak went in search of the Book of Parallax. Instead she found the Book of the Black, but was ambushed by Scar and sealed within its pages.

    Scar then proceeded to undermine and destroy Oa's protective planetary armor in preparation for the arrival of the black power rings.

    It is suspected that she fed false information into the Book of Oa as to the true cause of the armor's collapse, as Salaak's ring blamed the Children of the White Lobe.

    She was also instrumental in persuading the Guardians to adopt the practice of executing Sciencell prisoners, a move that outraged Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, and appealed to the rest of the Green Lantern Corps for support.

    The two Lanterns were removed to Earth for their opposition, and all but two of the prisoners scheduled for death were executed by the Alpha Lanterns anyway, creating more future Black Lantern recruits.

    The Herald and The Guardian
    The Herald and The Guardian

    After The Black Hand offered his soul and the souls of his family up as sacrifices to his Lord, Scar arrived at his childhood home in Coast City and spewed a Black Lantern Power Ring from her mouth.

    As The Black Hand rose and became the first official Black Lantern, Scar explained to him that he was not only The Black Incarnate (The Black Lantern equivalent to Ion, Parallax and The Predator) but that he was also their Lord's Herald.

    The Black Hand cut her off towards the end and told Scar that he knew exactly who and what he was and that with the power he had been given by their Lord, he would finally extinguish the light.

    A short time later, The Guardians of The Universe gathered together to discuss to their ultimate failure as they came to realize that The War of Light nor The Blackest Night could be halted and only confronted just as Ganthet and Sayd had said.

    Cannibalistic Revelations
    Cannibalistic Revelations

    Before The Guardians could send out a Code: Black, which would tell all Green Lanterns to return to Oa immediately in order to prepare for the coming darkness, Scar revealed herself to be a traitor and killed one of the other Guardians.

    As she tore the heart from his chest, Scar explained that the rings could not use their hearts because they had all abandoned emotion ages ago and then proceeded to overwhelm her "fellow" Guardians with her unholy powers.

    Following her victory over the other inferior Guardians, Scar placed them all into a coma-like state using the black substance which had been seen flowing outward from her eyes, nose, ears, mouth and pores earlier on.

    As The Black Lanterns began to rise and started gathering hearts, Scar watched their progress from Oa. One of the Guardians awoke from their slumber and demanded to know why Scar had betrayed them.

    She said that she had betrayed no one and that she was simply carrying out the mission they had all set out together countless millennia ago.

    Scar explains that the only way to destroy chaos is to extinguish all sentient life within the Universe.
    Scar explains that the only way to destroy chaos is to extinguish all sentient life within the Universe.

    Scar then went onto explain that emotions drove beings to places they should not go, to want things they should not want, that emotions were the source of chaos and that the only way to halt the endless growth of chaos was to annihilate all sentient life itself, she then put the awakened Guardian back into stasis and continued monitoring The Black Lantern Corps' progress.

    Later, Scar briefly spoke with her master concerning the hidden location of The Seventh Light (Indigo), Scar assured him that it would reveal itself eventually and that when it did The Black Lanterns would descend upon it without mercy.

    She then took The Guardians of The Universe with her to Ryut where Black Lantern Ash and Black Lantern Saarek were awaiting her arrival and continued to monitor the progress of The Black Lantern Corps from there.

    When Zamaron was destroyed and the discovery of The Indigo Light had been made, Scar ordered all disengaged Black Lanterns to follow the trail being left by The Indigo Light with a sick and twisted grin on her face.

    After The Black Lanterns had collected enough hearts for power levels to reach 100%, Scar teleported herself, The Guardians of The Universe, Ash, Saarek and The Black Lantern Central Power Battery to Earth where it was dropped on The Black Hand's childhood home.

    Lighting Scar Up
    Lighting Scar Up

    Standing alongside The Black Hand, Scar watched as their lord, Nekron, awoke from his slumber and proceeded to revive the 7 Million people who had died when Mongul and The Cyborg-Superman destroyed Coast City.

    All three were confronted by Barry Allen, whom Nekron told that he and all of his friends owed their life to him.

    When Barry went on the warpath against Nekron for the, as Barry put it, "beyond sacrilegious" crimes he had committed against every living thing in the Universe, he was attacked by both Scar, The Black Hand and the 7 Million rising Black Lanterns.

    During the course of the fight, Wally West arrived with back-up from many of Earth's Heroes and together with Bart Allen, the two Flashes attempted to wake The Guardians of the Universe up.

    Barry, Wally and Bart soon found themselves under attack from Scar herself, who declared that The Guardians were theirs to drain and began to ramble on to Barry about how The Guardians were fighting a lost cause and how nothing could stop death.

    However, just as she was about to kill Barry, Hal Jordan arrived with Ganthet, Sayd, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Carol Ferris, Saint Walker and Indigo-1 who all simultaneously fired upon Scar and burned her body with The White Light of Creation.

    "Tastes like chicken."

    Larfleeze who, despite knowing that Sayd was going to become his Guardian after the fight against Nekron was over, decided that he wanted Scar as well considering that she was unique and that uniqueness equaled a higher value in terms of Scar's worth.

    Thus did Larfleeze recklessly begin trying to pin Scar down so that he could capture her and take her back with him.

    Infuriated by Larfleeze's attempts to capture her, Scar fought back with wild abandon and wrapped her snake-like tongue around Larfleeze's throat in an attempt to choke him to death.

    But just as she did the other Lanterns came to Larfleeze's rescue and destroyed Scar once and for all, an act which did not seem to garner the attention of Nekron at all.


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