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Skera was one of the select few whose genetic potential matched the Galadorian Spaceknight process. She was given the Scanner armour which was possessed of greatly enhance senses that possibly enhanced her own natural Psychic potential. After becoming a Spaceknight she proved extremely valuable as an ally to the and to ROM, Galador's greatest Spaceknight.


Scanner was created by Richard Konkle. She first appeared in Rom Annual #2 With her last appearance in Rom #75


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Scanner was portrayed as very mature, and wise. She was always the voice of reason on her team and later to ROM himself. She was very cautious in her dealings and tended to try and think things through. Skera was not a combatant and did not lament over that role. She didn't possess the offensive or defensive abilities of the others, but she always found a way to contribute.

Character Evolution:

Scanner didn't play a large role in the overall series of ROM, but she would appear at the beginning and had a prominent role towards the end of the series. Being the person to actually use her abilities to allow the other lost Spaceknights to be able to find their lost homeworld and return. She was also key in helping to save ROM from his Magical imprisonment on the Dire Wraiths homeworld.

Major Story Arcs:

To Save ROM

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When Rom the Spaceknight becomes captive on Wraithworld. The Prime Director of Galador summoned the Spaceknight Squadron to attempt to rescue the lost knight. Scanner used her abilities to seek out ROM's trail which led to the Black nebula. They discovered a destroyed wraith fleet, but also ROM's trail to Wraithworld. Her Brother Seeker attempted to enter the planet alone ignoring his sister's warning. But he was saved by Pulsar. Once they landed on the planet Scanner could sense no Wraith presence. As they stood around making their next plan, the planer itself begins to attack them. Scanner is swallowed by the planet. She is saved by her brother.

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After being rescued she uses her powers to discover ROM's true location. On their way, they are beset by Elementals. Scanner stands with Trapper unable to combat the beings on her own, she watches as Trapper dispatches their foes. Eventually they enter the cave where her powers have discovered ROM. ROM turns his Neutralizer upon his friends and nears harming them. Scanner uses her powers to discover what haunts ROM, allowing Unam the Unseen to appeal to ROM's humanity. With ROM saved they returned to Galador.

Captured by EGO

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Two hundred years later after the Spaceknight Squadron had split up to pursue the Dire Wraiths with their own ways and methods. Seeker and Scanner joined each other being siblings, also for him to provide the muscle to her mind. Detecting a large Wraith contingent on the then Unknown planet, which turned out to be EGO. Who had laid a trap expecting to devour and study two large armies. Instead, the Wraiths were consumed and the Plandanium clad Spaceknights were captured. Their unique mix of man and machine intrigued the living planet. ROM discovered the planet in search of worlds free of Wraith plague. There he discovered the Life signs of two Spaceknights. Eventually, the two are rescued by ROM and Join him on his journey home.

The Hidden god

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In their travels, Scanner detects the life signs of another Spaceknight. They land on the world seeking to discover who it is. Landing in a swamp, Scanner begins to use her enhanced senses to seek out the energy signs. But her focus is so deep that she is beset by a swamp monster. Seeker once again saves his sister. She then senses the presences of the Wraiths. As the Wraiths seeks the help of their foes. The confused Spaceknights investigate the Wraiths situation. It is Scanner who eventually discovers that the Hidden God is the lost Spaceknight Unam. There they learn that Unam whose only ability is to turn invisible to all detection including Scanner, became the terrible hidden God after the Wraiths lost their powers and Science. Where before he struck with sneak attacks, Now he terrified the Wraiths striking and ruling from invisibility. Dismayed by Unams Actions the Spaceknights begin to leave him in shame. But he appeals to their humanity and they accept him on their journey.

Raak The Breaker

As they continue on their journey to collect wayward knights to inform them of the Wraith wars end, Scanner senses that ROM is distracted and seeks to comfort and advise him. He tells her that he had known love during his time on Earth. She tells him that once they return to Galador he should regain his humanity and return to her. But she was not one of the knights Captured for centuries, and didn't know that his humanity was gone. She then discovers TWO Galadorian life signs on the world millions of miles ahead. There they learn that Raakhad become despotic and began to try and rule that world. They also discovered Trapper who led a rebellion against him. During an intense combat, Unam felt unsure of what to do. Scanner told him that she had nothing to offer in a direct fight, but aided when she could. He should contribute how he could, she sensed that he was not like Raak, and was still noble. He took her advice to heart and turned the tide of battle as Raak was getting the best of ROM. Scanner watched as Unam sacrificed himself to save ROM. ROM Banished Raak and his Wraiths to Limbo and Scanner said that Unam would be buried with honor.

Plor the Pulsar

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On their further Journey home. They came across the destroyed remains of Shiar ship. Scanner detected the energy signature of Pulsar, Trappers lover. They are captured by the Shiar and do battle with the Imperial guard. Scanner becomes trapped between two guardsmen. knowing she cannot defeat them alone. She uses her Precognitive abilities to scan the immediate future and avoid their attack and letting their attacks strike each other. Then she bade the other knights surrender to determine the true culprit.

She uses her abilities to determine that Plor has died and his armour is being used by a non-Galadorian. Joining with the guardsmen they track him to a Moon where Gladiator kills the man destroying Plors armour. Thanking them for their aid Gladiator uses the advanced Shiar space gates and sends the Spaceknights back to Galador.

Saving Galador

Scanner and the other survivors of the Spaceknight Squadron, arrive just in time on Galador to witness

Brandy Clark and a team of Galadorian Survivors storm the Hall of Science. Upon arrival some of the team of Galadorians are swiftly struck down by Rogue Spaceknights. Scanner and the others are too surprised to save them, then a second horror occurs. The Rogue Spaceknight named Heatwave destroys the remaining humanity of theirs and the other lost Spaceknights.

Enraged, Seeker and Trapper attack, and slay a large number of he gathered Rogues. Scanner stands behind ROM, who is in shock at the carnage. Lacking weaponry or defensive measures, she can only guard the surviving humans. ROM soon retaliates using less lethal means, forcing the rogues ot retreat. But Heatwave strikes murdering the humans behind ROM. ROM orders Scanner to take the human survivors and flee to safety, they refuse and gather weapons to fight the rogues. The humans attack while Scanner stops Brandy Clark from joining the suicide assault. When the last human dies, the Spaceknights retreat to rethink their plan and contemplate their lost humanity. Hidden by Scanners Flux Field.

Scanner has been quiet among their discussions for she has been scanning the Spaceways and discovered some of the lost Spaceknights trying to find their way home. She comes up with a plan to guide them home, but the others are depressed. She and Brandy Clark rally the others to storm the Black Tower and use Galadorian technology to create a power enough signal to guide the others home using Scanners powers. They attack the base from underground and hidden by Scanners Flux Field are able to surprise and destroy the rogues guarding the base of the tower. Seeker says goodbye to the others and Scanner laments her brother's sacrifice. Knowing their odds are low if they stay together they split up. ROM seeking to challenge Dominor, their leader thus delaying attack. Trapper will stay and guard Scanner the non fighter. Scanner denotes though she is no warrior, overriding the Communications equipment and sending out such a powerful signal will be her greatest battle.

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Seeker falls after slaying untold numbers of rogues. Wounded Trappers armor proves a match as she slays many of the attendant knights, but begins to falter. Scanner is able to enhance her powers and sends out the beacon signal to guide the knights home. She wonders if they will arrive in time or to their doom. ROM's duel with Dominor continues as Brandy Clark hides from them. As the signal beacon maintains itself. Trapper flies through the door dead, having succumb to her wounds. Lacking the armour or abilities to defend herself, Scanner is quickly killed, but her job done. The Spaceknights return home.

She is honored among those fallen by the arrival of the other Knights as Galador is saved.


Like all of the Galadorian volunteers Scanner gave up some of her humanity to be grafted into the cybernetic Spaceknight armor. The armour increased her durability and gave her a large measure of physical protection and modest superhuman strength, though she never seemed to use it. Or the levels were much lower than others.

The Cybernetic body which housed her organics provide her with life support, allowing her to survive long journeys through space. She needed no food or drink, as her organic functions used a special fluid to keep them alive. She could fly not only through space but in an atmosphere. She also required no sleep, but many Spaceknights would often "sleep" to go over the events or recharge themselves faster. her armour was sealed and had self healing properties, healing slowly over time based on the damage done.

She possessed vast abilities to Psionically detect energy signatures, see through Illusions, track trails across large swaths of space, sense life, scan for unique signatures of Galadorians. She also had empathic detection powers, sensing those who needed her council.

She also possessed a variant of Precognition. She would calculate probabilities to determine localized variables, and make choices based on them. She seemed to possess a high degree of intelligence which may have been improved during the grafting process.

She lacked any weaponry and defensive tools outside of her Flux field. The Flux field seemed able to scramble and jam tracking and other frequencies needed to locate her and her companions.

Skills and Abilities:.

Scanner Was highly intelligent and seemed to possess psionic powers before the grafting process. She was patient and calm even under duress and in situations where others would falter. She was noble and gallant and had an air of self-sacrifice like others of the Spaceknight Squadron. She may have been some form of counselor because the others sought out her advice frequently. She also showed a high degree of skill with technology. Not only repairing the Communications towers but using the devices within to enhance her own Scanning powers and boosting her Scanning signals, turning her into a living beacon.

Combat Capability:

Scanner was not designed for combat. Thus she lacked any offense weaponry or defensive powers. She avoided direct physical combat and had to be rescued often. Her armour was lighter than many of the others. As evidenced during the final battle for Galador.

The second Scanner was Rhanla whose main power was superspeed. She was the lover of Liberator/Tristan. She was recruited as a third generation Spaceknight. The main difference of these Spaceknights was that they could change between cyborg and human form at will. The first two generations could only regularly use the cyborg form, their human form was placed in suspended animation to await their returns.


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