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    Born Brian Savage, but raised as a Kiowa Indian named Ke-Woh-No-Tay (he who is less then human), He traveled the old west trying always to find a place he could live and call home. But he was torn between 2 worlds.

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    Back in the 1840's Kiowa Indian braves attacked the ranch that was home to Matthew and Laurie Savage and their young son Brian. The brave's injured the elder Savage and kidnapped his son Brian who was renamed "Ke-Woh-No-Tay" which means, "He who is less than human." He was raised by the Indian tribe.

    Years later, when he was part of an Indian raiding party, Ke-Woh-No-Tay was captured and recognised as the long-lost Brian Savage - identified by a birth mark on his neck. Young Savage was charged with murdering 3 prospectors, a crime that he had not committed, but for which he was tried and sent to prison. He escaped, captured the real killers and pardoned.

    Though he at first refused to acknowledge that he was a white man dressed in Indian garb, Savage eventually did so, mourning the death of his father Matthew in the Kiowa tradition. Following his father's death (his mother already long since gone) Brian stayed with the Kiowas until they were killed by a raid by the US Calvary while he was on a revenge quest to right the murder of a young Indian boy, so he left on a quest to find he's younger sister Samantha, and he tracked her down in Atlanta. However, he did not reveal his true identity to her. Because she was where she should be and he knew he did not belong in her world.

    During his many adventures, Scalphunter -as he became known - worked on numerous occasions with Bat-Lash and once even foiled a plot to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. He was in the middle of the conflict of the Civil war but he was most of the time siding with the Union.

    His favorite weapons were a bowie knife and a tomahawk. But he was an expert with bow and arrow and rifle. He also was very good at unarmed combat, using mostly indian wrestling moves.


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