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The silent fury of the Nunchaku

Knuckle Up lives up to it's name, it's a story filled with blood, double crossings, fists and knuckles everywhere, there's action, resolutions, bad endings and most of all, it comes as the prelude of things to come, since Aaron plans to wrap up this incredible series after the next arc story. In this five-issue arc story, the tension is so dense you can cut it with a knife, there isn't a time while I was reading this in which I've felt safe or calm, there're fights, revelations, hidden secrets coming out of the closet, there's irony and a certain sense of dark humor imbedded into it. Aaron's masterpiece, in my opinion, is Scalped, this is definitely one of the best comic books ever, Vertigo's Top 5, the way Aaron manages to constantly delivery amazing narrative, gritty dialogues, thrilling mood swings and bloody to the bone human soul and character are all feats that punches me in the face! The human condition is one of the main themes in Aaron's narrative and how we can't run away from our nature or mistakes. This is the kind of story that you know where it'll end, but how Aaron builds the ways and ends are always unpredictable and entertaining. Also the art of R.M. Guerra and the colors fo Giulia Brusco are so fitting and perfect for this series, there aren't words to describe how great this combination works and the final result is one of the greates publications monthly! I know I've said this before and I even with the risk of being called boring or cliche, if you're not reading this series you really don't know what you're missing!

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