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Pro-Life or Pro-Good Life?

wipes tears from eyes and mutters something about manning up to write the review 
Okay, so the comic didn't actually bring me to tears, but tears are just for the benefit of the people around you, it's the feeling that's important and dammit, I can't help but feel some sadness observing the plight of the individuals whose stories are told within these pages. My mind keeps filling up with the words of Brubaker and flashbacks to the finale of 100 Bullets whenever I read Scalped and I try to tell myself, no! Things will end well...will they really? I have no idea but I read on.
Let me start this off by taking a look at the cover, now that is a striking cover, I have to applaud Jock for that one...fits the dark feel of the current arc perfectly...what's the current arc you ask? Well, if you aren't aware, it's called Unwanted and it deals with abortion. It's not the first time a comic has dealt with abortion, not the first time Vertigo's done it either...two examples in Vertigo's past stand out to me...Peter Milligan's Shade the Changing Man and Matt Wagner and Steven T. Seagle's Sandman Mystery Theatre. They both took different sides of the coin on the fate of the child...but both handled it in a mature manner and both had their points... 
However, as realistic as the world of Sandman Mystery Theatre was at times, both it and Shade the Changing Man were still fictional...worlds where aliens inhabited serial killers, dead women and catatonic patients or a man in a gas mask brought about the "Sleep of the Just" to the filth of a 1930's New York City. Scalped is all too real...sure, I've never lived on an "Indian Reservation"...and I can't relate to any of that environmental aspect...but there's nothing really beyond the scope of possibility here.
Scalped brings a unique perspective to the table and I for one love Jason Aaron for it...I already have my thoughts on abortion and I don't expect them to change, but that's not what I'm about...I don't care what "side" you're on (Charlie Wants An Abortion...classic)...I just wish the people taking either side weren't for the most part, idiots. I enjoy "Unwanted" because Jason Aaron's world is real, what the people feel and decide is real and unique to themselves, and he shows intelligence in how he deals with the topic. 
Once again, he incorporates so many different character's into the whole scenario...from the Red Crows, to the Poor Bears...and now finally, to the Bad Horse's. Dammit...Dashiell seems to be finally growing up...the cliffhanger of this book was indeed a situation that some may find cliche as far as romance goes but it was beautiful...and now we have to wait another month to find out what happens! Why must you be delayed so often?! Your breaking my heart!

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