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Now before you jump to conclusions about my reviewing prowess and saying to yourself "What kind of imbecile only gives four stars to an issue of Scalped?", hear me out! Truth be told the lack of stars really comes from the fact that it was just so hard for this part two to live up to the issue that preceded it in my humble opinion. This was still a great issue and Jason Aaron is a writer I suspect who's name will be inscribed in the annals of comic book fame alongside the currently thought-of greats. Scalped is the best noir comic out there right now. 
I've always liked how Ed Brubaker put it in the introduction to one of the trades. (I was going to quote him directly but there's about 30 trades on top of that one and I'm too tired to move them). But basically what he said was that this is the perfect noir story, you know things can only end badly for the residents of the Prairie Rose Reservation but Aaron has gotten us so attached to the characters that we still vainly hope it'll all turn out okay for them. Now that's good storytelling. The last great example of that I can remember was 100 Bullets. 
Anyways, this specific arc is dealing with abortion but Jason doesn't want people reading this just so they can come out saying "that's his position on this, eh? well it doesn't coincide with my position so I think his story is trash"...if that actually does turn out to be anyone's response I will be smacking a few people upside the head but anyways, Jason has done a good job staying neutral so far. However, I don't feel he should have to stay neutral but I guess that's the pressures of society for you...maybe he'll pull off a surprise in the end? Because at this point I have no idea how its all going down, I can see why Carol would keep the child and why she wouldn't. One of the best parts of this arc however is the flashbacks, showing members of the previous generation going through what Carol is now, Scalped has always been great at meshing the past and present and various character perspectives. 
I definitely recommend this series but another reason I didn't give this issue five stars is because Carol's plight falls into the background a bit in replacement for Dashiell's. And I'm not trying to say his problem's aren't just as important, but he doesn't even know about the baby yet and he's already off his rocker, it just feels like he's not a part of what's going on...however, his struggle is just as important and I'm sure Jason will pull him into Carol's situation later in the arc. Really though, if you're not reading Scalped, you should be okay picking it up in trade...delays on the series make reading it monthly about as long between issues and as the time between trades. Check out the old stuff too, this series is great right from the get-go and although some people will likely read this arc specifically for the political side of things, if you like the story, you'll love the rest of it.

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