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    Member of the group Morlocks as well as their sub-group the Tunnelers. She was killed by police and has been revived twice since.

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    The Morlock known as Scaleface.
    The Morlock known as Scaleface.

    Member of the group Morlocks as well as their sub-group the Tunnelers.

    Outcasts from society, the Morlocks were a community of mutants who lived in tunnels beneath New York City and its vicinity.

    The unthinkable happened when a group of mercenaries named the Marauders who had been hired by Sinister and lead by Gambit, to break into the tunnels and murder the Morlocks. Most had been killed but some escaped,a few with the help of the X-Men and original X-Factor. During this time she and the other members of the Tunnelers would attack X-Factor members Ice-Man and Beast in the sewers. But she would end up dead by not at the hands of the Marauders but killed by a police officer when fleeing to the surface during the Mutant Massacre.

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    It was after a fight with Cyclops, Scaleface was pushed out of the way by Berzerker to protect her from Cyclops's beams only to be surrounded by cops. Scaleface tries to fight through the cops however she is shot to death in a wave of gun fire. Her death put Berzerker in a violent rage against the cops which later lead to his own defeat at the hands of Cyclops.


    Scaleface was created by Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson in 1986 and first appeared in X-Factor #11.

    Story Arcs

    The X-Humed

    Scaleface would later appear as a member of the X-Humed - a team of dead mutants brought together by Black Talon. However she would be defeated by She-Hulk and her body is reburied.


     Selene-controlled Scaleface.
    Selene-controlled Scaleface.

    After obtaining code strands of the Techno-Organic Virus, Selene and her follower Eli Bard mixed magic and biology to create a strain that resurrected mutants as regenerative cyborgs. Selene and Bard also programmed the strain to make any resurrected mutant be forced to follow Selene's command. Among the first to be brought back from the dead was Scaleface.

    Scaleface battled the X-Men on Utopia at the command of Selene. X-Force attacked and defeated Selene. With her gone, most of the resurrected mutants were consumed by the virus and died again.

    Powers & Abilities

    Scaleface is a mutant able to assume the shape of a giant dragon, with increased strength, fiery breath, thick scales ,and sharp claws.

    After being resurrected by Selene, Scaleface gained the ability to swiftly regenerate from almost anything, as her body was now made up of living machine. Without Selene's control over the strain of virus that resulted in Scaleface's bodily change, the mutant dragon would once again die. Also, in her new form she was a slave to Selene's mental commands.

    In Other Media

    Scaleface in X-Men Evolution
    Scaleface in X-Men Evolution

    Scaleface made a brief appearance in X-Men Evolution, this was when Berzerker was looking for Spyke in the Morlock Tunnels. She was recognized by Berzerker, and drove him away in her reptilian form.


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