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    S'Byll was the Empress of the Skrull Empire. Through careful manipulation of the Silver Surfer, she was able to bring the Skrulls their shape-shifting birthright back.

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    S'byll was one of five claiming to be Emperor of the split Skrull Empire. She was responsible for resurrecting the Super Skrull. Together, they tricked the Silver Surfer into becoming an enemy of the Kree, thus making him their ally. With the help of the Super Skrull's DNA and the Silver Surfer's power she was able to be transformed back into an amoeba and eventually regained her shape-shifting abilities. She formed a relationship with the Super Skrull and made him her second in command.

    She gathered all her people and returned their abilities to them becoming the true Empress of the Skrull Empire and took up the war with the Kree. She gained an ally in Reptyl, who made her give up on her human side and be more ruthless and emotionless like her reptilian side. When Reptyl killed the Super Skrull she said that he was weak and replaced him with Reptyl.

    After his death and the utter defeat of the Skrull fleet, S'byll and the Silver Surfer attacked the Kree homeworld of Hala. With their knowledge that Supreme Leader Nenora was a Skrull in disguise, she was able to return her shape-shifting powers and cause her to reveal her true form and apparently winning the war. She offered a peace to the Kree but they refused, saying a truce is all they could accept. She agreed and the war was ended.


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