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Sazu spectating
Sazu spectating

While the Almeracians were mobilizing their forces for an inevitable war with the tyrant Mongul, Sazu intercepted a holo-cast of a gladiatorial match between the champion Draaga, and his challenger, a Kryptonian who called himself Superman. Sazu provided a feed for her queen, Maxima, so that she could observe the match. The Kryptonian's skill was evident in toppling the Warworld champion, however, Superman refused to end the match by disobeying Mongul's kill order. Maxima found the Kryptonian's defiance and prowess in combat appealing, but Sazu was not impressed. What Maxima's advisor witnessed was a display of mercy, a potential fatal flaw in a warrior.

Despite Sazu's doubts, she accompanied Maxima's simulacrum to the Kryptonian's adopted home planet, a back water world called Earth. Eventually, they would arrive at Metropolis with the intent of staging a confrontation with the Kryptonian. Maxima's simulacrum amassed a force of heavily armored humans in power-suits by placing them under her hypnotic control. Hoping to see the Kryptonian kill, they raised the stakes by holding the mayor prisoner in his office, and caused a riot outside City Hall.

After all of the effort, Sazu watched again as Earth's Mightiest Warrior showed no fire in his soul. Once again, he demonstrated restraint by not killing his opponents. While Maxima's duplicate and Sazu were waiting inside the mayor's office, Superman arrived. Sazu captured the Kryptonian in a telekinetic forcefield, and began contracting the space inside to get him to kneel. Superman resisted. Maxima was impressed all the more and threatened to embrace the Kryptonian's thoughts directly despite Sazu's strong objections. Bound by her obligations to the Royal House, Sazu atomized Maxima's simulacrum right before Superman's eyes. With that, Superman burst out of Sazu's forcefield, stunning the Royal Advisor.

Sazu atomizes Maxima's simulacrum.
Sazu atomizes Maxima's simulacrum.

Her life forfeit as far as she was concerned, Sazu would remain captive on Earth, shackled, and rendered powerless with a neural inhibitor headpiece. While having to endure the indignity of the humans' legal system, Maxima, still enraged by her servant's meddling, returned to Earth. The Empress of Almerac promised that Sazu would be punished for her defiance before banishing her to a prison on a distant planet. Following the events of Maxima's exile from Almerac, the former queen returned to Earth and became a member of the Justice League. In another attempt to gain Superman's approval, she teleported Sazu back to Metropolis where she would once again face the laws of Earth.

Our Worlds at War

Sazu's last appearance was during the conclusion of the 'Our Worlds At War' story-arc. Superman and Wonder Woman visited the Almeracians aboard their battlecruiser to pay their last respects to Maxima for her heroism in battle. Instead, much to the dismay of the Kryptonian, they discovered that Mongal had taken Maxima's crown. Sazu defended the choice made by the 'Chosen People of Almerac', saying that Mongal had fought valiantly in the war, and that Almerac had always risen to new heights with a Warrior Queen.

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