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    Once a member of the Guardians of the Universe, Sayd was exiled along with her lover and fellow Oan, Ganthet, for showing emotion. Together they formed the Blue Lantern Corps to help the Green Lantern's stop the Blackest Night. She is now a Guardian of the Orange Lantern Corps.

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    Sayd read the forbidden chapter from the Book of Oa, which foretold a prophecy of cosmic revelations, The Blackest Night. When the actions of the Sinestro Corps matched the events foretold in the forbidden chapter, Sayd and Ganthet addressed the incident to their colleagues as a sign of the Blackest Night. The other Guardians dismissed her concerns and ignored the prophecy out of fear. They protested when the other Guardians removed the chapter from the Book of Oa and are banished from their council for acting on emotion. She and Ganthet later appeared on Earth, offering Kyle Rayner a new Power Ring and imprisoning Parallax inside the Earth-based Lanterns' power batteries. Ganthet then tells the Earth lanterns the prophecy and leaves for the planet Odym.

    Character Evolution

    Guardian of Hope

    At the end of the Sinestro War, Ganthet and Sayd reach Odym where they harness the blue light of hope from the emotional spectrum to create the first blue ring for the Blue Lantern Corps in preparation for the War of Light and to help the Green Lantern Corps stop the Blackest Night from coming. The first being chosen is Saint Walker of space sector 1.

    Aware of the actions of Atrocitus and his rage-fueled Red Lanterns, Ganthet and Sayd sent Saint Walker and the newly chosen Warth of space sector 2 to the aid of Hal Jordan and Sinestro, who has been captured by Atrocitus.

    Guardian of Avarice

    To get the greedy Larfleeze to help the rest of the corps leaders fight Nekron, Sayd has agreed to serving as the Guardian of the Orange Lantern Corps after the Blackest Night ends after he gives up Lex Luthor, much to Ganthet's dismay. She follows through on this promise post Blackest Night. Later she is seen being ridden upon by Larfleeze while talking to Lex. In Green Lantern #56 we hear that Larfleeze has sent her on an errand.

    New 52 and Death

    In the New 52, Sayd created the new New Guardians team by stealing rings from the other corps, in the hope that Kyle Rayner could use their power to rescue Ganthet from the Guardians's control. This revelation caused the New Guardians to disband, as many members were disgusted with how she did it, stealing rings from corps members and causing several deaths. She was killed later by the Third Army, saving Kyle, Carol, Arikoo and Larfleeze from their grasps.

    Other Media

    Green Lantern: The Animated Series

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    Sayd appears as one of the Guardians of the Universe, yet to leave the Green Lanterns and become a Blue Lantern.


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