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    Englishman Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward was a music hall sketch and song writer who took the pen name Sax Rohmer when he began to write thrillers for the British serial magazines.

    He wrote a number of stories he wrote a number of occult and “mysterious Egypt” themed stories when he struck gold with the creation of Fu Manchu in 1912.

    A character that would feature in fifteen of Rohmer’s books and come to define the so-called “Yellow Peril” genre, so that he would also appear and in radio dramas, movies, television and comics, with the most direct adaptation of his writing being in issues 17 - 28 of DC’s Detective comic. Most other comic however, with a few exceptions, ignored his writing and just did their take on Fu Manchu.

    In 1955 he sold the media rights to Fu Manchu for four million dollars.

    His last story involving Fu Manchu saw him rewrite his character as a semi-hero about to disappear into China to fight Communism.


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