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    By tapping into the Speed Force, Savitar can move his body at near light speed, and can absorb motion from other objects and people, thereby slowing their movement.

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    Publication History

    Savitar is a super-villain created by writer Mark Waid, and artist Oscar Jimenez. His first appearance was in Flash volume 2, #108, December 1995.


    Savitar is a former Eastern Bloc military pilot. While flying an experimental supersonic plane, he was infused with Speed Force energy that gave him incredible super-speed, making him the fastest man alive. Believing he had received some kind of divine gift, Savitar took his name from the Hindu god of motion. Wanting to find out as much as he could about Speed Force, Savitar began a campaign against other speedsters. A battle with Max Mercury ended up with Savitar being flung forwards in time to the present day. A battle ensued with Wally West, and the Flash sent Savitar back into the Speed Force, where he remains trapped within its energy field to this day.

    Flash: Rebirth

    Savitar was chased by the newly returned Barry Allen. He was turned to dust when Barry touched him. This was due to Professor Zoom's tampering of the Speed Force and Allen which would cause Barry to kill any speedster he touched.


    The Speed Force grants Savitar many abilities such as protecting him from the rigours of running at super-speed.

    Super-Speed - Savitar has super-speed and can steal or lend speed from and to other people.

    Accerelated healing - Savitar can heal himself faster

    Increased reaction - Savitar can react at superhuman speeds.

    Inertia Force Field - Savitar has the ability to generate a full inertia force field

    Other Media

    The Flash

    Savitar appears as the main antagonist of Season 3. He was radically altered for the show. However, he still has a cult. He wears a large metal suit that covers his entire body. The character's identity & origin version was changed to be a time remnant of Barry Allen. When he is in his armor, he is portrayed by Andre Tricoteux and voiced by Tobin Bell. When he is not wearing his armor, he is portrayed by Grant Gustin.


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