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    Saviour (AKA Ramsey Murdoch) has the ability to create or become just about anything using only his imagination. He believes Superman is an impostor and the real Superman is dead.

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    Ramsey Murdoch suffered from increasingly severe headaches which eventually led to auditory hallucinations and delusions. Murdoch came to believe that God wanted him to punish all deceivers. This led him to the conclusion that he ultimately needed to destroy Superman, who he believed was an impostor, and that the real Superman was killed by Doomsday. His belief was reinforced when Brainiac created an illusion of Superman lying dead.

    Early History

    Braniac's mental attacks on Superman caused erratic behavior that further confirmed Saviour's doubts about Superman's authenticity.

    In his crusade Murdoch will not hesitate to resort to murder, and among his earliest victims were a young woman named Sylvia Feltman and U.S. Senator Charlie Fulton. When he sent a note to the Daily Planet stating, "Death to all deceivers is at hand! Vengeance is Mine!! Saviour", Lois Lane began an investigation. Saviour was eventually arrested by the FBI who connected him to Senator Fulton's murder through crime scene evidence.

    Increasingly painful migraines caused Murdoch to scream and rant, and he had to be dragged out of the courtroom during his trial. His defense attorney submitted an insanity plea. Awaiting re-trial Murdoch's migraines finally began to subside as his super power - the ability manifest nearly anything he could imagine - began to emerge.

    First Escape from Prison & First Battle with Superman

    Murdoch escaped from Stryker's Island Penitentiary, amidst a prison riot. Free again, and armed with new God-given powers, Saviour carved an "S" shield into his forehead and set out for a showdown with Superman. Taking reporter Ron Troupe hostage in a public square, he waited for Superman to come.

    When Superman arrived, Saviour engaged him in battle before a crowd of onlookers. His tactics included making himself invulnerable and creating minions to attack the Man of Steel. When Superman was engaged in extinguishing a fire Saviour created, Ron Troupe taunted him into resuming his natural human state long enough for Superman to knock him unconscious. He was then imprisoned under heavy stasis to prevent him from escaping with his powers.

    Second Escape from Prison & Second Battle with Superman

    After a period of inactivity, Saviour was set free by Morgan Edge. Denouncing both Superman Blue, and Scorn as deceivers he set out to rid the world of both. In the ensuing battle in Metropolis between the super powered beings, Superman shorted out the Saviour's powers, reverting him back to normal, but while Superman retrieved Scorn (who was knocked out during the battle, Saviour was able to escape.

    Third Battle with Superman

    Saviour took refuge back at his apartment and watched a news report about Superman's new powers on television. After studying his quarry, he transformed himself into an energy being, and engineered a conflict with the Man of Steel in a GBS-TV studio. Saviour grew to gigantic proportions, but was still eventually subdued by Superman, Scorn and Bibbo.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mindscape Materialization

    Ramsey seems to have the metahuman ability to make whatever he thinks of reality, for in his own words anything he imagines becomes true. His powers seem limited only by his imagination (granted he's rarely creative on his own) but he's been able to create and or become whatever it was he desired at the time. While in prison he lamented the loss of his knife and one materialized in his hand, he imagined himself as a superhumanly strong and muscular individual whom superman likened to be more powerful than simple sinuous mass could provide, even bringing things to life like objects, weapons or creatures that work and function by sheer force of will. Saviour's abilities are not limited to simple matter based materialization he can also effect his own personal being, having once transformed himself into a composite entity borrowing powers from two superbeings and even becoming a living energy entity much like superman himself. This can be used against him as the input of others can either strengthen or weaken his grasp on his power, such as reverting to his small weaker self when called a tiny little man by Ron. Superman once stated that his abilities are based on his psychology, if Ramsey believes himself to be invincible then he really is.


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