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I'm so excited, I'm SO... Ready for new Saved by the Bell! Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, Slater, and Screech are all getting sent back to Freshman year in all-new comic book adventures at good ol' Bayside High! Mid-terms, hangin' at The Max, getting that first date, escaping Mr. Belding's detention hall... Experience all the ups and downs of high school in the year 2014 with some old familiar friends. Need a reason to break out those acid washed jeans? Missing your old scrunchie? It's alright, 'cause we're back with the Bell!


It's high school orientation for the new freshmen of Bayside High, only Zack considers himself exempt from participation. Kelly walks by and Zack invites her to the Max for lunch. Kelly is excited and invites Jessie and Lisa to join them. In class, Zack schemes with Screech as to how he can get Kelly alone. Screech offers to fart everyone away. Zack is a little more subtle and tells Lisa that he saw another girl wearing her same outfit. She rushes home to change at lunch. Zack then tells Jessie that there might be a pop quiz in Algebra and that she should sluff lunch at the Max and go study.

At the Max, Zack confidently walks in and sees that Kelly has already ordered, seemingly for him as well. Zack goes to take a bite of a burger when A.C. Slater shows up and states that the burger is his. Kelly explains that Slater is new and invited him to join them for lunch. Zack and Slater exchange a few barbs and Zack accidentally spills water on Kelly's skirt. As she rushes away, Slater throws down the gauntlet and tells Zack that Kelly belongs to him. When Kelly returns, Zack offers to study with Kelly after school. Kelly informs him that she is going to show Slater around since he missed orientation. Zack decides to join them since Kelly can't go in the boys' locker room. The three decide to meet in the cafeteria after school.

Zack ask Screech to help him alienate Slater. Screech approaches Slater and tells him that he is on Slater's side, but Slater needs to win over the rest of Kelly's friends. He tells Slater that Jessie is a traditional girl and that Lisa is Screech's girlfriend. Slater offers to carry Jessie's books for her but she stomps off in disgust. Slater tells Lisa that she and Screech make a good couple. Lisa tells Slater to never talk to her again.

In class, Zack tries to find a way to get Slater to break a rule and end up in detention. Nothing works until Zack orders a pizza for delivery in Slater's name. Slater gets detention. While there, he stews in his disdain for Zack. Mr. Belding counsels the youth about their errant ways, but Slater is able to convince Mr. Belding to confront Zack about the frame job. Oddly enough, Mr. Belding agrees. He asks Zack if he framed Slater for detention; Zack, of course, denies doing such.

On the way back to detention, Mr. Belding overhears Screech explain to Jessie that he can't lend her any money since he gave it all to Zack to order a pizza for Slater. Zack is taken to detention and Mr. Belding allows Slater to go free. Zack tells Slater that he is already late in meeting with Kelly and that he had better run. Slater is caught running in the halls and gets sent back to detention.

Kelly is bummed that she got stood up by both Zack and Slater. She and Lisa decide to distract themselves by flirting with some older guys.



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This book does not appear to be for me. It's sad, too, because I have a labor-of-love Saved by the Bell blog based on the original show. I mean, I want to like this, but what's to like?Granted this is a first issue, but the script is so incredibly shallow. It's like each character is a caricature. Lisa and Jessie have unoriginal one-off lines; Screech is stupid (not endearingly annoying like the show, but stupid); Zack and Slater are enemies only because of, well, they have to be enemies? Kelly ...

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