Character » Savant appears in 61 issues.

    Former operative of the Birds of Prey organization. He has a condition where he has a non-linear memory and sporadic amnesia.

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    Savant was created by Gail Simone and Ed Benes. And made his debut in Birds of Prey #56.


    Savant is the rich heir to a large fortune, but was inevitably disowned by his father for his criminal actions. He then left Europe for America, coming to Gotham City in an effort to become a vigilante. He set out to stop an arsonist, stopping him while Batman saved the victims still inside. Batman then condemned his vigilante activities, citing that while he had the skills for it he didn't care about the people he was saving. He then set out building a world wide black mailing organization, blackmailing everyone from senators to kings.

    Later Savant returned to Gotham capturing the Black Canary, in an effort to reach Oracle to trade her life for the true identity of the Batman. However the plan fell apart when Oracle called in the aid of the Huntress, with Savant and Creote being captured and Savant being sent to Arkham Asylum. He was then freed when a senator, fearing Oracle had gained the files Savant had on him hired him to pick the ten most likely women in Gotham to be Oracle. However once again the Huntress saved the day, with Oracle striking up a deal with Savant. She then set up Creote and Savant in a Gotham neighborhood to save it from the rampant crime in an effort to rehabilitate him. However the Black Canary continued to question this choice bringing the villain to a building, with her fighting him before allowing herself to put revenge behind her. Huntress when splitting from Oracle enlisted Creote and Savant's help in taking down a Gotham capo as they worked closely with the vigilante. Later when a shipment of drugs were on their way to flood the streets of Gotham, Savant was a member of the squad consisting of Wildcat, Richard Dragon, Connor Hawke, Creote, Huntress and the Black Canary to battle the shipment's bodyguards the Twelve Brothers in Silk. During the course of the battle he held his own, but was eventually defeated but lived as the shipment was destroyed by Lady Blackhawk.

    Savant is then captured by the Black Spider and Hellhound on orders of the Calculator in his effort to learn about Oracle. However Savant managed to endure two days of torture due to his condition, which made it feel like it had only been hours instead of days. He was then rescued by Black Canary, Huntress and Creote but his anger over the torture caused him to seek vengeance throwing the new Black Spider out a window several stories down, fortunately the Black Spider lived. As the Black Spider and Savant were being prepared to be taken for medical treatment, the Society's final member appeared Deathstroke. He then began a battle with Huntress, Black Canary, Creote and Lady Blackhawk getting the better until being shot and falling from a building by the injured Savant who announced he quit.

    Despite this however he was one of the group who returned to confront the Spy Smasher in her bid to replace Oracle as the leader of the Birds of Prey.

    The New 52

    Savant was later arrested and made into one of the new recruits for the Suicide Squad. He is apparently killed on Amanda Waller's orders after failing the initial test of the new members, but appears alive several issues later. He is always at odds with Deadshot and extremely arrogant. He was able to find Harley Quinn first and beat her up a bit, but she then lured him onto a pressure sensitive mine in a jail cell. He is currently stuck there.


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