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    Savant is the daughter of Zealot and Majestic. She was raised as Zealot's sister and for most of her life (thousands of years) was unaware of her parentage. She and Majestic started the WildC.A.T.S replacement team after the original team was thought dead.

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    A member of the Kherubim, Savant is the daughter of Zannah, also known as Zealot, and Majestros, also known as Majestic. Unwilling to give up being a warrior in exchange for motherhood, Zannah gave her daughter to be raised by the child's grandmother, Lady Harmony. The child, named Kenesha, was raised under the belief that Harmony was her mother and Zannah her sister. Savant's interests drifted away from those of her warrior mother, and she became fascinated by archaeology and history. As an archaeologist, she found many magical items, including seven-league boots and a bottomless bag.  


    Savant was created by Jim Lee and Chris Claremont

    Major Story Arcs


    Savant joins a new version of the WildCATS following the apparent destruction of the previous incarnation to the team. Amongst her team members is Majestic, who, unbeknownst to either of them, is her father. She begins a relationship with fellow team member Tao, but the relationship ends when he betrays the team and almost gets Savant killed. This incarnation of the team falls apart soon after.

    Shattered Image

    Savant is instrumental in bringing together the team that will attempt to prevent their universe from splintering into six new universes. Despite her best efforts and those of the team, they do not manage to fully complete their mission, and some Earths are left separate. 

    Savant Garde

    Savant and Majestic form a team, called Savant Garde. During their time as a team Savant is accidentally teleported to another dimension by a mask they had been searching for. This dimension is ruled by a version of the evil witch Tapestry, who Savant is able to defeat with the help of others there before returning to her own dimension. 


    Savant is kidnapped by Javen, a fellow Kherubim who seeks to terraform the Earth and make it into New Khera. She is rescued by Majestic, Helspont, and Spartan, and saves Majestic's life when he is almost killed by Javen.  Harmony dies in the confrontation, and Zealot reveals the truth of Savant's parentage to both Savant and Majestic. 


    Savant joins the Wildcats in fighting Nemesis, the Brotherhood of the Sword and the Daemonites, who are attempting to take control of the Earth. She helps the team locate the villains, and later teleports most of the team away from a ship that is about to be destroyed.


    Savant spends some time adventuring alongside Nemesis and Jodi Slayton, attempting to gather information about the future and the possibility of Armageddon. 

    World's End  

    Savant is taken captive by Majestic, who holds her in New Khera, his "utopia" located in Hawaii


    Savant works alongside Jet, remaining in her base and providing assistance during an infiltration of Stormwatch headquarters. 

    Powers and Abilities

    As a Kherubim, Savant possesses all the powers and abilities inherent to her race. This includes functional immortality, increased durability, and superhuman strength. She possesses seven-league boots, which allow her to travel at supersonic speeds, as well as to teleport. She also has a magical bag that can hold whatever is put into it, and which tends to be filled with useful technology.

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