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    Savah is the progenitor of the Sun Folk, and the founder of the Sun Village. She is considered to be both powerful and wise.

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    Savah was created by Wendy and Richard Pini, the creative team behind ElfQuest. She is "the mother of memory for the (Sun) Villagers and provides a spiritual focus for them." (Who's Who, ElfQuest #8)


    On the World of Two Moons, Savah was among the founders of the Sun Village along with her family. She is among the oldest living elves and is indeed immortal. She is extraordinarily beautiful and posseses unequaled wisdom. For countless centuries she has taught gifted elves how to use their powers, and has kept a record of her peoples history alive. For this she is regarded as the "Mother of Memory". She has been the personal mentor of the likes of Rayek and Suntop, among others.

    Spiritual Guide

    Savah supports Cutter & Skywise in their goal to find other groups of "four-fingered" beings when they departed from the Sun Villagers' town of Sorrow's End. She possesses such potent gifts of telepathic "sending", that her spirit-form can totally dispossess itsela of the physical body (a gift shared by perhaps only Timmain, Rayek, Winnowill, Egg, and Suntop).

    Savah's dream is for a time when both elves and humans can live in peace together, a dream that was challenged when humans invaded the village. Savah was shot and forced to flee with her people. After the Palace of the High Ones was reconstructed, Savah and the rest of the Sun Folk were finally freed from their refuge and have made a new home for themselves in the Palace.

    During a time when the Palace was believed to have vanished from the world of two moons, Savah kept in her synagogue a statue-replica in miniature of the Palace of the High Ones , and thus she became the living guardian for the Sun Villagers.


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