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    Goodbye Cho, Hello Wells!

    If anyone really knows me around here it won't much of a surprise to them that i hated how things were concluded in Savage Wolverine 5, and that there were Many OTHER things i disliked about that specific issue.....anyways, with the second wolverine series not being much of a success, it was bout time that we get something worthwhile, and lucky Zeb Wells came along.

    I'll be honest here for a second, i am not really a fan of the art style here, but don't get me wrong, i'm not saying it's bad, just that it doesn't sit all that well with me. However, it is still great and some fight scenes as well as wolverines characters design is flat out awesome, and he does really live up to the SAVAGE name with the look he has been given here.

    As for the story, much doesn't really happen here, from what i gather this was supposed to be a set up story for the rest of the arc, and it did exactly that. Zeb Wells Manages to not only set up everything, but along with it portray each and every character awesomely. i'm serious, the characterization was awesome. Wolverine is acting like himself again, serious, dangerous, and sometimes combustive. Elektra was herself for once, she was a silent ninja, and a killer, which is exactly how she should be. seeing her in Thunderbolts acting like an idiot ( who would follow deadpools plan?) isn't the best deal for fans, even though i'm not exactly a hardcore elektra fan. But the most important change was with spider-man. yes, this takes before superior ever happened so peter is back, and he is hilarious, which is also sad because i wish he came back permanently already, though seeing him for a short period of time was awesome either ways and a good treat for fans.

    The villain of the story, or the bad guy( since he isn't THE villain),Kingpin, is back to his glory as well, he is acting like the crime boss strategist i've come to admire, and he does feel badass, which is always good.

    This is a very good start for the series, everyone seems to be in characters and the issue ends in an interesting way, i am definitely excited for this. story was this might not be THE BEST THING EVER but i gave it 5 starts because it did what it was supposed to do, get fans excited and set up the conditions of the rest of the arc

    Recommendation: YES!

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