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    The Star Giant and the Dark Walker

    I've been a huge fan of Wolverine for many years now, with the little runt being my third favourite comic book character, but I've been disappointed with his outings in the Wolverine, and Wolverine and the X-Men series' prior to the relaunched Marvel NOW! I decided to finally give this a try when the second issue was released, but haven't gotten around to reading any until now, with there now being three issues released, and one issue released in the other Wolverine series. I will however be dropping this series after issue 5, as I can only really afford one Wolverine series, and with Frank Cho leaving this series, and a brilliant writer like Paul Cornell, and artist like Alan Davis working on the other I think I'll prefer the other in the long run.


    Wolverine and Shanna continue their journey to the temple, meanwhile the natives believe Amadeus Cho to be their god.


    This series just keeps getting better and better, as Frank Cho continues to reveal more of the mystery, whilst also giving amazing, and shocking sequences. Cho has really turned me around, and I'm starting to see that he's very capable of writing a story, as well as drawing one. After finishing the first one, being not much more than satisfied, I really didn't expect the series to leap up as far in it's standard of quality, but each issue has been better than the previous, and this has been one of my favourite Wolverine stories since Jason Aaron worked on the character as a solo character (got bored of Wolverine and the X-Men which now writes), and I'm really happy to see the character treated with the respect he deserves. Cho also delivers once more on the art front, and to be honest this series is worth buying just for the art, although I'm not complaining about the story being good. The detail is phenomenal, as every single thing looks perfect, and I can't really fault anything. As I said with my review for the first issue, I loved the way he draws Shanna, and women in general, but he shows that even more, as despite drawing Shanna every beautiful again, he also draws a group of native girls, who all look amazing. Jason Keith continues to provide brilliant colours for this series, and they really suit Cho's art, making it stand out more, as well as look more beautiful than it already is.

    Last issue ended with the native leader believing that Amadeus is their god. I found this a rather interesting, and sudden thing, but it did give the perfect continuation to Amadeus' appearance, as although he could continue fighting the natives, or even team up with Wolverine, it's more interesting to have him with the natives as it gives them more opportunity to appear, and it also splits the story into two parts nicely. Plus Wolverine has Shanna with him, so adding Amadeus would maybe be a bit much. I also like how Amadeus continues to talk to his A.I. Calvin (as in Calvin Klein), and that he doesn't seem to think of how people will see this, as others don't hear Calvin, just Amadeus talking to thin air.

    I also liked that we got to learn a bit more about the natives, and their ways. Starting with my last statement in the previous paragraph, I found it interesting that the native leader found Amadeus speaking to thin air confusing, and found it amusing that Amadeus had to explain it in a simple and short way for the leader to understand (after saying all technical complicated stuff). I also liked Amadeus reaction to the way the native leader treated him, as he offered him their best women. I found this amusing as well as interesting as Amadeus was awful shy, obviously not expecting a sign of honor this way, and to be honest the way Amadeus handled this was very smart, and interesting. As I said earlier, this also gave Cho another chance to show how well he could draw women.

    Also during this issue Amadeus asks the leader to tell him about the mountain, with the leader assuming that he's testing his knowledge, thinking him wise. I won't say much as to avoid spoilers, but it basically said about the Star Giant, and how he imprisoned the Dark Walker. I was happy that we finally got some back story, and although it took away from the action, it didn't half help with the development of the story. What was more interesting however was that the leader appeared to not know how people have magically appeared on the island, which also kept that mystery open, as it would spoil all the mystery if it revealed everything at once, and I was glad enough that the history of the native's revealed.

    There was also yet another brilliant fight involving Wolverine, and Shanna, but this time against a group of natives. I won't go into details as the fight happens late in the issue, and I want to avoid spoilers, but it was very, very exciting, and entertaining, and by far the best fight in the story so far. Cho's art was brilliant, and with him also being thew writer, he'd know exactly what he wanted, not having to worry too much on adapting it from the script. I also loved the way the fight started, and ended, and although I won't go into details, there was both humor, and shock involved, making for a very dramatic fight sequence, as well as exciting.

    Final Verdict

    This series just keeps getting better, and better, and I can't believe how good it is. This issue didn't just develop the story more, it also gave us action, excitement, humour, and suspense at the same time, and I can't wait to see the next issue, and hope that Cho continues this level of quality. I would easily recommend this issue as it was brilliant, and the story is shaping up to be the best Wolverine story for a while. I'd also recommend anyone that dropped this series after issue 1 to give it another try, as it just keeps getting better, and better, and I'd be surprised if you were disappointed.

    Rating: 4/5

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