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Sabretooth is a dick.


The art was absolutely fantastic, looked kind of rugged at times but it really fit the tone of the story. Good job with that.

The story was kind of neat, I don't really get why it needed to be told but it was a decent read all things considered.


My problem with this story is it went nowhere. Sabretooth showed up and laughed at Wolverine which was great but it would of been nice to see them actually fight instead of all of the other stuff I didn't really care about. It was told in a decompressed way that held the story back, if it would of moved along a bit faster and played off of what it had this would of been great. It dropped the ball with way to much side story and leaving what was more interesting to the side.


If you're looking for fantastic art with a story with potential that it doesn't use get this. Otherwise i'd skip it.

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