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Savage Steel is Jimmy Zafar, a police officer and a former member of the Cabal, a Punisher whose mission is to clean up the street with whatever force necessary. The group of former and current cops were taking payoffs from Philippe Bazin, a New York mob boss, in order to finance a secret weapon against crime, the Savage Steel armor. Mike Powell, Darkhawk's father, disagreed with the methods in which they wanted to use the armor and had a major argument with The Cabal that gave him no choice but to disappear after the next payoff.

Mayor Story Arcs

Fighting Crime

The Cabal commissioned Stane International to give them an edge in their crusade and would take turns wearing the armor so that one man wouldn't have all the power for himself. Stane's company designed and manufactured a suit of powered armor for them, the "Savage Steel" battlesuit, based on technology stolen from Stark Enterprises. This later caused Iron Man to track down the Savage Steel armor when worn by police van driver Arthur Vale who was defeated with the help of Darkhawk.

Police officer James Jimmy Zafar has assumed the identity of the updated and current Savage Steel armor. He has used it as an ally of Darkhawk. Jimmy Zafar is being considered as a potential recruit for the Initiative program, according to Civil War: Battle Damage Report.

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