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    Team » Savage Six appears in 24 issues.

    A group of villains formed by the third Crime-Master to further his own personal gain and criminal empire and fight Venom. The name was later co-opted by a group of villains who stuck together after escaping Kraven the Hunter

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    • Vulture
    • Rhino
    • Scorpion
    • Stegron the Dinosaur Man
    • Tarantula
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    The Crime-Master’s criminal enterprise was gaining traction after he found Agent Venom’s secret identity and blackmailed him into committing some crimes for him. With his new found power, he hired five heavies and, with himself, dubbed them The Savage Six.


    The Savage Six were introduced to each other in Venom (2011) #17 by writers Cullen Bunn and Rick Remender and artist Kevin Walker. Their name is inspired by an alternate reality Sinister Six that faced off against the Mayday Parker version of Spider-Girl.

    Major Story Arcs

    Agent Venom

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    With the recruitment of The Human Fly, Crime-Master had his “Savage Six,” even though there were only five of them at the time. Their champagne toast to the beginning of the team was cut short when Agent Venom showed up to take out Crime-Master. Unfortunately, Flash’s cover was blown when Eddie Brock showed up on his crusade against symbiote hosts. After a brief scuffle, Flash retreats, but Eddie is captured. Crime-Master bonds him to the Toxin symbiote, completing his full six roster.

    To get to Flash, they go after his ex-girlfriend, Betty Brant, as well as both his and Betty’s family. Flash did his best to track down the split up Savage Six. He tracked down Death Adder to Betty’s mom's place and killed him before he lashed out at her neighbors. He then tracked down the Human Fly. He tortured him, including ripping off his wings, until he gave up Crime-Master’s location at an abandoned shipyard. Meanwhile, the rest of the Savage Six were with Betty Brant, where Crime-Master revealed himself to be her presumed dead brother, Bennet.

    Flash broke into the shipyard, guns blazing. Megatak, Jack O’Lantern, and Toxin all seemingly died (although some proved alive later) as Flash fought his way to Crime-Master, who was ultimately shot by his sister, ending this roster of the Savage Six.

    Vulture's Roster

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    A new roster of animal-themed Spider-Man villains were dubbed The Savage Six by Arcade. They were tracked and captured by Taskmaster and Black Ant for Kraven. They were Kraven’s premiere bargaining chip in a plan that involved getting wealthy elite to trophy hunt for the animal-themed rogues Kraven thought were offending their animal inspirations.

    The members include:

    After Spider-Man saved the day, many of the animal-themed villains were able to escape. Liking the sound of “The Savage Six,” Vulture implored that they stick together as a team. They laid low for a while until taking offense at a Hollywood portrayal of them. Mysterio was making a biopic of himself, so The Savage Six attacked the production. Mary Jane was on set and confronted them to no avail. Luckily, Screwball, Master Matrix, and other supervillains getting a second chance as crewmembers were there to rescue her.

    Sinister War

    Savage Six look down on Mysterio's premiere
    Savage Six look down on Mysterio's premiere

    The team gets a second chance to ruin Mysterio's movie by attacking the premiere. Unfortunately, because Mary Jane is starring in it, she was in attendance, with Spider-Man as her plus one. He leapt into action, but his attempt was short lived. The new Sinister Six showed up to recruit Mysterio and did battle with the Savage Six.

    They regroup with other supervillain teams at a graveyard where Spider-Man was hiding. Kindred let them know they were all hellbound and gave them all the same offer, the villain that kills Spider-Man will get a free pass in Hell. Eventually, Doc Ock uses a piece of Black Ant's helmet to knock everyone, including the Savage Six, out through the ear centipedes Kindred was using to control them.


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