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In this issue, Sonja remains trapped in the clutches of the beautiful, and deadly Ice Queen, forced to duel in the arena against man and beast alike! As she plots her escape, will her plans be foiled by her desire to free her fellow prisoners!

The issue opens up with Sonja battling a Yeti-like giant mammal. The crowd paying attention to her every move, as Sonja notices the look of hope on the human prisoners. She prevails in battle, while the crowd of prisoners uprise in wild chants of the successor's name. The queen promptly crushes the atmosphere by having her henchman bring out three more forocious creatures with weapons. Sonja is knocked out by one of the blows and awakens imprisoned in a cage. Sonja is then used as entertainment for the Queen and her people, she pits Sonja against another human opponent. Sonja takes the lead in the battle but refuses to kill one of her own people for the sake of entertainment . The Queen ,outraged, eats the heart of Sonja's opponent and devises a plan that will punish Sonja for her refusal to partake in killing.







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