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Savage Dragon 141

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Savage Dragon! Spawn! Witch-blade! Invincible! Shadow-hawk! Together against the Superman analogue Solar-Man! Guest starring many Golden Age heroes from the Public Domain!
 The Story:  
  The Culmination of the long running Solar-Man subplot happens here! Savage dragon has gathered what Image heroes he could in an attempt to stop the overpowered Solar -Man, Meanwhile, Dragon Ally Rex Dexter enters Solar -Man's Secret Base and Frees TONS of Golden Age Public Domain Heroes who were having their Powers drained to increase the strength of the already super-powerful Solar-Man.
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  The Good: 
I was pleasantly surprised to see  an Image Cross-over of this type. Erik Larsen makes every attempt to be inclusive of other Image characters in his books.Larsen deserves a lot of credit he is endlessly inventive and alone among the Original Image creators set out to create his own series and at #160something has done it.
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The Bad:  
The sheer Awesomeness of the many Golden Age guest stars is never really addressed. If they were trapped so long I would like to have seen some reaction/comments relating to it. The action sometimes seems a little too fast paced and must seem very nerve-wracking to new readers of this sub-plot heavy book.
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  The Verdict: 5/5:
Despite my problems with pacing I love this book, Erik Larsen consistently provides twists, turns, and excitement in this very under-rated title from Image. Try to catch this story in trade form its really fantastic stuff...Highly recommended!!

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