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He was tortured in the same way by his older brother Victor as Victor himself was tortured by their father. As an adult, Saul still had nightmares from this period. Once, he got a choice from Victor: be tortured or torture their sister Clara. Reluctantly, Saul torturted Clara.


Saul Creed was created by Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert and first appeared in Origin II issue 2 (2013). It was first believed that 'Creed' would be 'Victor Creed', aka Sabretooth. Later on in the series it is however revealed that 'Creed' was actually Saul Creed, the brother of Victor Creed.

Major Story Arcs

Meeting the Wolverine

As adults, Clara and Saul work for Hugo Haversham at his circus, where they meet Logan. Clara sees the man in the bewildered beast, as Logan is presented to the circus audience. She tries to civilize him, but Saul isn't happy with their relationship. He rats Logan's location out to Nathaniel Essex, who immediatly sends his Marauders to capture Logan. In the ensuing battle, Logan accidently stabs Clara. Thinking her dead, Saul offers Logan revenge on Essex. In Essex' lab, Essex tells Logan that Saul had sold him out. Confronting Saul with this fact, Clara turns out to be alive. Being Saul's sister, she has the same regenerative abilities that her brothers Saul and Victor have. Seeing no way out, Logan kills Saul by drowning him.


Saul Creed's death at the hands of Wolverine would have long lasting consequences, although this has been revealed only recently. Saul's death is the reason that Sabretooth has a grudge against Wolverine. It is also the reason that Sabretooth slew Wolverine's girlfriend Silver Fox in revenge for his brother. It is also the reason that Sabretooth has been menacing Wolverine on his birthday year after year.


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