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    Omniversal Majestrix and a powerful witch, Saturnyne is the ruler of Otherworld and overseer of the Captain Britain Corps. Through power, trickery and manipulation, she monitors and acts against threats to the omniverse.

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    Ruthless and brilliant, Opal Luna Saturnyne keeps a firm watch over the Omniverse. She does not believe in conforming to morals in her efforts to preserve the Omniverse, a necessary evil to her job. Some other versions of her from other dimensions are Courtney Ross, Sa'tneen and Sat-Yr-9.

    Opal Luna Saturnyne is from Earth-9. When Fantomex was taken to Otherworld to be put on trial for the murder of the child who would be Apocalypse Saturnyne was the judge. After a short show trial, She sentenced Fantomex to be executed via molecular deconstruction.

    Saturnyne was recently killed alongside most of the Captain Britain Corps during a vicious and bloody battle with the Mapmakers and their Sidera Maris slaves.

    Alternate Realities


    The Earth-616 counterpart of Saturnyne was Courtney Ross.


    The Earth-794 counterpart of Saturnyne is Sat-Yr-9.


    The Earth-1124 counterpart also called herself Sat-Yr9.


    The Earth-148 counterpart of Saturnyne is Sa'tneen.


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