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Saturnine is a powerful demon, and at one time the guardian of the Road of Lost Souls. Saturnine served under the fallen angel now turned hell lord Asmodeus, existing in Asmodeus's hell realm. There he existed for centuries, encountering many other demonic beings such as Zarathos. A bet between the two powerful devils Asmodeus and Mephisto result in more confrontations between Saturnine and Zarathos and Johnny Blaze. The two traditionally bonded as the Ghost Rider, they had been separated and set the task of escaping Asmodeus's part of hell which meant passing over the Road of Lost Souls, guarded by Saturnine. Although Saturnine out powered Blaze and Zarathos after they tricked him and used his body as a bridge the demon accidently impaled himself after losing his temper and running chest first into a sharp piece of the bridge. 


The demon called Saturnine is a Marvel comic book character created by J.M. DeMatteis, Don Perlin and Dave Simmons, first appearing in Ghost Rider #76 released in 1983. After a period of time unused the character reappears in the 2010 Pixie Strikes Back miniseries. 

Major Story Arcs

Pixie Strikes Back
Years later he reappears, kidnapping Pixie, Armor , X-23 and Mercury in hope that he could use Pixie to access her mothers magik and a soulsword. His attempts were thwarted by the efforts of Mastermind, Lady Mastermind and Mrs Gwynn. Pixie and her mother created a fake soulsword, and Saturnine was tricked into stabbing himself with it, after he killed all his minions. 

Powers and Abilities

A powerful demon Saturnine possesses supernatural levels of super strength and durability. In his native realm he was the size of a 50 foot giant, and possessed enough raw power to contend with beings such as Zarathos and the Ghost Rider. In the Earth realm he was considerably smaller, but still large and still possessing tremendous power. He sought additional power the likes to usurp the likes of his former master Asmodeus. 

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