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Satsuki is the first born daughter of the scientist Soichiro Kiryuin and Ragyo Kiryuin, CEO of the clothing manufacturer Revocs. At the age of one year-old, her parents experimented with her on trying to bond Life Fibers directly to the human nervous system. When the attempts on Satsuki failed, Ragyo chose to try again on the second daughter almost immediately after giving birth.

Soichiro had told Satsuki these secrets when she was five years-old and that her baby sister had died in the attempt. It was this event that turned Soichiro against his wife and he wanted Satsuki to inherit his will, as he was soon killed by Ragyo for betraying her. Even at this young age, Satsuki feigned cooperation while she plotted to overthrow the Life Fibers and kill her mother out of vengeance for her father and unnamed baby sister.

Starting from a single school, she began a takeover of Japan's entire academic system. Honnouji Academy became her base of operations, and her most loyal followers, Nonon Jakuzure, Ira Gamagoori, Houka Inumuta, and Uzu Sanageyama, became the Elite Four of her student council. She also developed the Goku Uniforms, which supplied her loyalists with enhanced powers. Although, she never had need for one herself.


Kill la Kill (Oct 2013)
Kill la Kill (Oct 2013)

Satsuki Kiryuin (鬼龍院 皐月 Kiryūin Satsuki) is a main character of the Kill la Kill anime series that was produced by Trigger. It's directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. The character design was done by Sushio.

A tie-in manga series illustrated by Ryou Akizuki began on October 4, 2013 in Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace magazine.

Major Story Arcs

Honnouji Academy

Satsuki's take over of the academic system had nearly been completed, with only the Western Kanto region holding out and a few anti-uniform gorillas. That was until Ryuko Matoi, a brash young girl wielding a red scissor blade, transferred to Honnouji Academy and looking for answers to her father's death from Satsuki. She was little threat until she returned from her first defeat wearing a Kamui she called Senketsu. Ryuko was defeating more and more council members to get to Satsuki.

Having waitng long enough, Satsuki stormed into her family's manor to claim the kamui that was created for her, Junketsu. The test of this new power was put on display the next morning at school against Ryuko. Satsuki was surprised by how much she now outclassed Ryuko and Senketsu. That was until Ryuko was able to finally synchronize with her kamui to make a more even battle. With the fight ending in a draw, Satsuki challenged Ryuko to defeat all of Honnouji Academy's Student Council to once again face her to get the answers she wished.

Every attempt made against Ryuko failed until Sanageyama lost to her but returned with a new resolve, after having his own eyes sew shut. By allowing Ryuko to form a fighting club, she tested her friendship with Mako Mankanshoku by giving Mako a Two-Star Goku Uniform.

First Annual Naturals Election

As part of a grander plan, Satsuki initiated the First Annual Naturals Election, where all students would battle for their chance to keep their status or excel. Satsuki stood over and watched as her Elite Four were defeated by Ryuko in the run offs until it was interrupted by Nui Harime, who revealed herself to be Isshin Matoi's killer.

Satsuki battles a berserk Ryuko to stop her.
Satsuki battles a berserk Ryuko to stop her.

After Ryuko lost control of herself and her kamui, Satsuki jumped in to first control her with reason but was prepared to destroy her when that failed. Much of Honnouji Academy was destroyed in their fight, then Satsuki held back Nui to allow Mako to bring Ryuko back to her senses. Several days later, Ryuko came to see Satsuki, and she falsely took responsibility for sending Nui after her father to claim his Rending Scissors and his kamui research. She also thanked Ryuko. The data she gained through Ryuko's battles would be used to improve her Goku Uniforms for the next stage of her national take over.

Tri-City School Raid Trip

As the school council prepared for the raids across the Kansai region, Satsuki went to see her mother, Ragyo Kiryuin, to question her about Nui's recent involvement and give her an update on her own plans. Upon her return, Satsuki arrived just as Nui was preparing to kill Ryuko after she had shredded Senketsu. Satsuki sent Nui away, covered Ryuko, and left with the remains of Senketsu. She gave them to Shiro Iori to distribute among suitable hosts' Goku Uniforms then left to lead the raids, but she took the Seki Tekko piece for herself.

Satsuki and Ryuko stand off.
Satsuki and Ryuko stand off.

All the raids went through with little trouble with the exception of Kaneo Takarada's Osaka led opposition. Satsuki joined that battle herself. Upon victory, Ryuko arrived to reclaim Senketsu's final piece. As the Elite Four battled the gorillas of Nudist Beach, Satsuki and Ryuko fought across the ruins of Osaka. She held the advantage, despite Ryuko's noticeable growth, but Satsuki lost hold of her Bakuzan when Ryuko's desperation move blinded her eyes with blood. In turn, Satsuki manipulated Junketsu to a spear to her throat. They remained in this stand-off until Ryuko made the condition of her calling off her troops. Satsuki agreed and was prepared to leave Bazukan in Ryuko's care, but she returned it anyway. Soon after, Nonon had already destroyed Nudist Beach's underground base. With their objective completed, Satsuki and her army returned to Honnouji Academy, but her personal helicopter was commandeered and redirected to the Kiryuin Manor by Nui, who had been watching the battle disguised as the pilot.

Cultural & Sports Grand Festival

Upon tending to the strain of wearing Junketsu, Ragyo led Satsuki deeper into the manor to reveal the Primordial Life Fiber, the source of all Life Fibers and the cause of humanities evolution. As her mother was leaving, she ordered Satsuki to begin the preparations for the Cultural & Sports Grand Festival. Once back at Honnouji Academy, the preparations were made for Ragyo's appearance. She followed her mother's plan to the letter. The Life Fibers of the audience were activated, and once Ragyo was distracted by the appearance of Ryuko, Satsuki made her move and pierced her mother through the back with her sword.

Ryuko begrudgingly joined Satsuki in trying to stop Ragyo, but her mother soon escapes Sastuki's trap. She even turned the Honnouji Academy students against the both of them. Satsuki was soon overwhelmed by Ragyo's strength, the Bakuzan was broken, and Ragyo stole Junketsu from her. When her mother turned on Ryuko, she revealed that she is in fact the baby sister that they both had thought died. In an act of desperation, Satsuki blew up the stadium, but Ragyo survived.

One Month Later

Satsuki in Senketsu vs. Ryuko in Junketsu
Satsuki in Senketsu vs. Ryuko in Junketsu

Satsuki was then caged beneath Honnouji Academy for over a month as part of her mother's next plot, the Shinra-Koketsu. She waited and put up with her mother's humiliations as she planed her escape. She sharpened the false toenail made of the same material as Bakuzan into a claw. When her Elite Four, teamed up with Nudist Beach, arrived, she broke free of her chains. She could also see that Ryuko was captured by Ragyo and was forcing Junketsu onto her. Not long after landing on the Nudist Beach's battleship carrier, a brainwashed Ryuko attacked in Junketsu. Lacking the power to fight back, Satsuki turned to Senketsu for help along with the new weapons that were forged from the remains of Bakuzan, and she passed on her strategy to her Elite Four through Mako.

Satsuki fought with valiant effort, but her lack of true synchronization put her body under terrible strain and left too many delays in transformation. However, her actions were all that she needed to step up her trap. Unfortunately, Nui intervened and revealed that Junketsu had been sewn to the Life Fibers in Ryuko's body. Ryuko then proceeded to cut Senketsu off of Satsuki. When Ryuko was later distracted, Satsuki cut open Junketsu's chest plate to give Mako and Senketsu the opening they needed. Once Ryuko was reunited with Senketsu, the Nudist Beach and Satsuki's Elite Four defeated and absorbed the Life Fibers of the COVERS drones Nui left behind in her escape.

Life Fiber Rebellion

Satsuki later apologized to Ryuko for manipulating her in the past, and they formed a strategy to stop Ragyo from covering the world in Life Fibers. Junketsu was repaired and enhanced with Ryuko's blood and parts from Senketsu. Satsuki could now use all of Senketsu's abilities, and the duo teamed up to strike at their mother, who was on the way to Honnouji Academy on top of the Original Life Fiber. As their mother proved to be an incredibly deadly foe for the pair of them, Satsuki acted as a decoy to allow Ryuko to strike inside the Original Life Fiber, then she was joined by the Elite Four in new Goku Uniforms. Before Satsuki and Ryuko could invade Honnouji Academy, Nui and Ragyo revealed the Shinra-Koketsu.

Satsuki and Ryuko combine forces
Satsuki and Ryuko combine forces

Satsuki and Ryuko fought against their mother, but the power of Shinra-Koketsu was too much. Satsuki's new weapons were shattered, and Ragyo even paralyzed the Life Fibers in all the kamui and Goku Uniforms. The sisters turned the tide by both using one of the Scissor Blades and seemed to defeat Ragyo, but she escaped death by merging with Nui. She launched herself into space to active the satellite that would awaken all the world's Life Fibers. Everyone gave up the power of their uniforms, and Satsuki sacrificed Junketsu over to Ryuko to enable her to chase after and fight Ragyo.

Graduation from Ragyo

In the time after Ragyo's defeat and Honnouji Academy was to be closed down, Satsuki was lost for a direction for her life. While she was alone, she was abducted by Rei Hououmaru, who had created evil replicas of Satsuki and her Elite Four. Hououmaru was using Satsuki as a power source for Honnouji Academy's Last Stitch Defense System, and had also abducted Mako if Satsuki was to try and end her own life to stop her.

Once Ryuko crushed the Last Stitch Defense, Satsuki was free, but Hououmaru still wanted her revenge. Satsuki dodged the thrust of her knife but was still cut along her neck. She convinced Hououmaru to put aside her rage and join her in creating a world to protect the weak. With the island sinking, everyone was evacuated. Satsuki and Ryuko went their separate ways but agreed to meet again. Satsuki cut her hair to leave it behind with her memories of her sinking school.

Powers & Abilities


Satsuki's training with the katana is unknown, but it's likely from traditional training. Her proficiency with the sword is nearly unmatched. Even from a young age, she was able to swing her katana with incredible force, even while it was sheathed. Later, she is seen to be even slightly more powerful than Ryuko with her activated kamui, After obtaining her own kamui, this only served to increase the power of her swordsmanship skill.

Chi Techniques

Satsuki has also been shown to be able to use the ability to manipulate chi with the power of her own will. In the past, she once knocked out a large group of young men with a glare.

Weapons & Equipment


Satsuki's Bazukan
Satsuki's Bazukan

The Bakuzan is Satsuki's cherished sword. It's unknown where she gained this katana, but she is almost never seen without it. Her power with this sword was even greater than Ryuko's with her kamui. The material of the Bakuzan is durable and sharp enough to slice into a kamui. It's originally based upon ultra-hardened Life Fibers.

The blade was broken in the battle with her mother, then remade by Nudist Beach and her own Elite Four into two new blades, the Bakuzan-Gako and Bakuzan-Kouryu. These actually proved to be a more effective weapon against Life Fibers, because it allowed her to sever them from both sides, preventing regeneration. Unfortunately, these were also later demolished by Ragyo in the final battle.


Life Fiber Override: Junketsu
Life Fiber Override: Junketsu

Junketsu is a kamui, a type of school uniform made of 100% Life Fibers, that Satsuki Kiryuin wears. He was created by the Kiryuin Organization specifically for her when she was a child. Her father called it her "wedding dress". However, Junketsu was eventually sealed away, and she was forbidden to use it by her mother. This still didn't stop her from claiming it after she was challenged by Ryuko in Senketsu.

Though it normally appears to be white school uniform, it can transform into an incredibly powerful suit of armor that boosts her strength and speed. This ability is called Life Fiber Override - Kamui Junketsu (「人衣圧倒」神衣・純潔, "Jin'iattō" Kamui Junketsu) The cost of this power is that he needs to draw out Satsuki's blood.

Kamui have been shown to be capable of various secondary transformation states, but Satsuki initially showed only limited abilities to manipulate its form, such as using the shoulder spikes as spears and grapplers. However, wearing Junketsu and using Life Fiber Override mode takes an incredible strain on Satsuki's body. This is due to her limited ability to bond with Life Fibers. It was later enhanced with parts of Senketsu and Ryuko's own blood.

Junketsu Transformations

Junketsu Senpu (純潔旋風, Junketsu Senpū) is a flight-based form of Junketsu. The lower half of the armor changes to create jets that allow her to fly and maneuver at incredible speed.

Junketsu Senpu Zankan (純潔旋風斬奸, Junketsu Senpū Zankan) is a secondary transformation of Junketsu's flight ability. This was based upon Satsuki's earlier experiences in battling in Senktesu. On top of the flight ability, this covers Junketsu in a series of blades for increased offensive abilities while in the air.

Other Media


Kill la Kill (2013)

Kill la Kill (キルラキル Kiru ra Kiru) is the first original anime production created by Trigger, which was founded by two former Gainax employees in 2011. The series is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, Trigger co-founder; and written by Kazuki Nakashima. The first episode aired on October 3, 2010.

Satsuki's first anime appearance was in Kill la Kill - Episode 1 "If Only I Had Thorns Like A Thistle…". Her character in the Japanese series was voiced by Ryoka Yuzuki.


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