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Satrina was Adam's first wife in Eden.


Satrina first met Purgatori, when she was banished from Hell to Necropolis by Lucifer. After Purgatori had conquered this realm, Satrina became one of her lovers there. Satrina returned after thousands of years to earth and sought out Purgatori in her human disguise. At first Purgatori and her traded a few punches, but then they were taken over by passion and they shared a bed. Satrina asked Purgatori what she believes in and why does she fight. Purgatori answered she believes in power. Satrina wasn't here just to please Purgatori though; she had her own plans. She found one vampire hunter, Karmilla, and wanted her to attack Purgatori. The hunter didn't fare well however and barely escaped Purgatori. Satrina then visited Karmilla again and made her blood poisonous to vampires again. She arms the hunter with ancient weapons and sends her off again. When Karmilla is defeated by Rath and Purgatori, she reveals that Satrina was behind her weaponry and charms. After Purgatori returned from China with Dracula's fangs, Satrina and Purgatori hatched a plan. Later, Satrina ran to Pope Stephen and pleaded his help from crazed Purgatori. He led her into Vatican's catacombs and from there, into their treasure vault. There Satrina ended her rouse and killed the vampiric Pope. When Purgatori leaves at night, Satrina starts to finalize her plan as well; she summons Gorge. But things won't go as planned, Gorge does not submit to her, and when Satrina runs to Purgatori for protection; she rips out her heart, as she had learned of Satrina's treachery.

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